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Looking to take a break from the many art museums that Paris has to offer? You can stroll down almost any street in Paris and see art on the walls. Don’t dismiss this as vandalism. Paris has a long history of street art, and you can learn more on my podcast. As I mentioned in my podcast episode about Paris Street Art and The Invader, here are ten places throughout Paris to find street art and murals.

  1. The Canal Saint-Denis in the north of Paris features Street Art Avenue, a unique project where artists were invited to paint along the canal. 
  2. Vitry-Sur-Seien is a southeast suburb of Paris and is home to a vibrant street art scene, making it feel like an open-air museum.
  3. Belleville is in the 20th arrondissement and is considered by some the pioneering neighborhood for street art. 
  4. The Oberkampf Neighborhood, The Wall by the same name, is located at 107 Rue Oberkampf. This wall is changed monthly, so there is a chance you may find an artist busy at work.
  5. The Centre Pompidou has numerous outdoor murals, including the classic Jef Aérosol piece, which depicts a man who may be mistaken for Dali.
  6. Stalingrad. You can see an enormous mural by Yann Lazoo on 238 Blvd de la Villette.
  7. The Boulevard 13 Project is a collaboration between 22 street artists. There are 32 murals in this 13th district.
  8. Montmartre has street art around just about every corner in this neighborhood.
  9. Aubervilliers is the longest wall art mural in the city. There is a 500-meter length wall of Rosa Parks murals. 
  10. The Rue de Menilmontant is another excellent spot with one of the most famous murals found here by artist Jerome Mesnager. 

I did some searching on Viator and found some Street Art Tours in Paris, both guided and audio, that you may be interested in. Check them out, and if you book any tours, I will receive a small commission through the Viator Partner Program.