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10 Places to See Street Art in Paris

Looking to take a break from the many art museums that Paris has to offer? You can stroll down almost any street in Paris and see art on the walls. Don’t dismiss this as vandalism. Paris has a long history […]

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Scavenger Hunt

Julia and I recently did a podcast episode discussing how Animal Kingdom went from a half-day park for us to arguably our favorite park at Walt Disney World (it’s honestly a tie with Epcot). There are only a few rides, […]

Guided Tours to Check Out in Atlanta

Based on my podcast episode with Shawn discussing Atlanta, it became quickly apparent that there are many different things to do in Atlanta, depending on your interests. I have not been to Atlanta yet, but it is now at the [...]

Five Things To Do While Waiting On Roller Coaster Fans

As I mentioned in my podcast with Leroy, I am not a fan of most roller coasters or any thrill ride, for that matter. I get motion sick, and most rides aren't worth me feeling bad for an extended period [...]

Guided Tours To Check Out In London

Lisa gave us some fantastic ideas of places to visit in London in our podcast episode, and I thought it would be fun to put together some lists of tours based on these City Guide episodes from time to time. [...]

Where We Are Going in 2023

So, in January, one of our BinGO squares was to create a list of places to visit near and far this year, so John and I sat down to tackle that together. The obvious one for us was finally heading [...]

Meet Addi

You have seen her on this website and social accounts, but it is time to give Addi a formal introduction. Addi's name is inspired by the Roman goddess, Adiona. Adiona is known as the goddess of safe returns home. While [...]

Thanksgiving In Cincinnati

Thanksgiving looked a bit different this year, in a good way. Our daughter's Thanksgiving break was not long enough for us to bring her home, so we packed up and headed to Cincinnati. We brought my parents and our dog [...]

Jungle Jim’s – Greatest Grocery Store in the World?

Before I jump into telling you about what may be considered the "greatest grocery store" in the world, I need to give you a little background. I've always liked grocery stores due to the snacks, candy, and fun packaging, with [...]

The Holidays Your Way

The start of the holiday entertaining season is just around the corner, and honestly, I am taking a new approach this year. I am taking a cue from Marie Kondo and only doing the things that spark joy. So I [...]

A New Chapter at Disney World

In a few weeks, we head to Disney World on our first trip without our daughter since before she was born. I'm not going to lie; I have mixed emotions about it. It's been a year since our last trip [...]

Fall Update

I have been a little radio silent lately, so I thought I would give you a bit of an update. I knew 2022 would be a year of transitions, but nothing could have prepared me for just how many. Unfortunately, [...]

Top 5 Favorite Things from our Los Angeles Trip

We had planned a California road trip for the summer of 2020, but we all know how that turned out. So Spring Break 2022 became our goal for "take two" of our California vacation. We skipped the road trip down [...]

My Complicated Relationship with Flying

Whoever said you should enjoy the journey must not dislike flying as much as I do. I wouldn’t say it is a fear as much as a general disdain for the entire process. I know it is safer than driving. […]

Five Reasons to Book a Disney World Vacation with No Kids

Before our daughter was born, we had spent our first wedding anniversary in Disney World, and since she turned 2, we have been back just about every year. After experiencing the parks through her different phases, there are things we […]

The Roaming Yeti on Pinterest

I like to read travel articles at the end of a long workday and wish I was there. Chances are, I will never get to most of the locations that I read about, but I do love to learn about […]

The Story of The Roaming Yeti

The seed for Roaming Yeti was planted a year ago. Like many others, we had canceled travel plans in 2020 due to COVID and started planning some vacations for 2022. I am definitely the researcher in the family, so I […]