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Julia and I recently did a podcast episode discussing how Animal Kingdom went from a half-day park for us to arguably our favorite park at Walt Disney World (it’s honestly a tie with Epcot). There are only a few rides, but the rides are good, and there is so much to do: great snacks to eat, animals to discover, and the best theming to immerse yourself in. It feels less like a theme park and more like a zoo.

To celebrate our love of the Animal Kingdom, I created a scavenger hunt you can print out and take on your next trip. The first sheet is a list of hints, and the second download is the answers and details about the location/object. There is nothing to sign up for or subscribe to, just a free download. I hope you take on your next vacation and enjoy the park.

Please let me know what you thought about using the scavenger hunt. Then, I may make more for the other parks. Tag us on social media or send me a message through our contact form or direct messaging.

If you are heading to Animal Kingdom later and are looking for a fun game to play around your hometown, check out our Roaming Yeti BinGO card that comes out monthly in our newsletter. Learn more about BinGO and signup now.

Happy Hunting!