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As I mentioned in my podcast with Leroy, I am not a fan of most roller coasters or any thrill ride, for that matter. I get motion sick, and most rides aren’t worth me feeling bad for an extended period after the ride. On the other hand, I don’t want to keep my thrill-riding husband from having his fun, so I send him on his way to get in line. These lines can be lengthy, so I have found several ways to entertain myself and wanted to share five. These are good if you are waiting for someone in your party or none of you are big riders.

Snack Time

The parks can get busy and overwhelming sometimes, but you can usually find a place to tuck away to take a breather. I often find these places near food stands, so I like to take the opportunity to grab a small snack or drink and enjoy a little peace. If I partake in a beverage, I often wander around, checking out the sights and sounds around me.


I only sometimes buy, but I love to meander through the different shops at a theme park to check things out. Of course, all the stores do not have the same items, so you never know what you may find. Some items are cool, some fun, and some are just downright strange. But there is something for everyone, and it is a great way to pass the time and find a little something to bring home.

People Watch

If you can find a bench or place to sit on a main thoroughfare with a lot of traffic, grab that spot. It’s fun to watch people in the parks. I like seeing people’s outfits because many theme them for the park. Kids are entertaining, especially if you had kids at the park when they were younger. You can feel for the parents, or you can delight again in how much fun and wonder the little ones have while checking out the parks. It’s just fantastic to see people from all over the world in a place because we all have a common interest.

Parades and Entertainment

Sometimes, you can get lucky, and your time will coincide with a parade or other park entertainment. If it does, take a moment and enjoy it. It’s fun to see characters and dancers in parades. You don’t have to have a front-row seat, so tuck in somewhere and enjoy. Do you think parades are just for kids? On my 50th birthday, we were in Magic Kingdom. The rest of my family was on a ride I didn’t go on, so I watched a parade go by. Moana saw the “Celebrating” pin and yelled happy birthday to me from her float. It totally made my day, so no, these things aren’t just for kids. Loosen up and enjoy.

Take Pictures

This time allows you to slow down and enjoy the theming and details around you. Take out your phone or camera and capture some of those details. We take so many pictures of people that we must remember to take some of our surroundings. Zoom in and take some detailed close-up shots. Remember to look up. You miss so many details above you when walking from attraction to attraction. Let that inner artist out and have some fun.

There are many other things to do, but these are my favorite. I have spent a lot of time waiting on my thrill riders, but I always make it fun and do something I love and 100% for myself. Don’t let your motion sickness or dislike of rides keep you from joining your friends and family at a theme park. Let me know what you end up doing.