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You have seen her on this website and social accounts, but it is time to give Addi a formal introduction. Addi’s name is inspired by the Roman goddess, Adiona. Adiona is known as the goddess of safe returns home. While I love to travel, a safe return home is essential to every journey, big and small.

Shortly after designing Addi, I had people asking about shirts. It took me a while, but I have created three shirts to start and hope to introduce more products over time.

My goal with this site has always been to create a community, and I hope you will wear these shirts with pride as you roam your neighborhood and the world. I want to see you out there in your Addi gear. Tag us on social media and use the hashtag #yetitoroam so we can share your pictures.

Don’t have Addi gear yet? Print out Flat Addi and take her on vacation with you. Then, snap a picture of her on vacation, tag our account, and use the hashtag #yetitoroam. You may even win one of our Addi shirts!