>  E1 – Let’s Go on Safari with Amanda and Zeke
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E1 - Let's Go on Safari with Amanda and Zeke

This is our first episode and I am excited to start with such great guests. In this episode, I am speaking with Amanda and Zeke about their amazing African Safari. We discuss the logistics of packing and getting there as well as the animals they saw and things they did. We also learn why to listen to the tour guide when they tell you to keep the windows up on the vehicle.

Amanda and Zeke live in Tampa Florida and are a travel-loving couple who fell in love during their first trip together (10 days in Italy). Since that fateful journey 18 years ago, they’ve been working, saving, and exploring as much as possible. You ready? Let’s Roam!

Twitter: @AmandaChanguris @ZekeChanguris
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