>  E16 – Let’s Learn to be More Responsible Travelers
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E16 - Let's Learn to be More Responsible Travelers

Welcome to the Roaming Yeti Podcast, where we share stories and tips to inspire you to roam your neighborhood and the world. I am your host and Head Yeti, Beth Schillaci.

In today’s episode, I speak with Dr. Rachel Dodds on the importance and how to be more responsible travelers. As Director at Sustaining Tourism, she has worked with companies, governments, NGOs, and tourism attractions on being more sustainable and responsible. She is also a professor at Toronto Metropolitan University in Canada, teaching at the Ted Rogers School of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

In addition, she co-authored a book that everyone listening should buy called “Are We There Yet? Traveling More Responsibly With Your Children”.

You can find her at:

Sustaining Tourism –
Twitter: @Susttourism

Purchase “Are We There Yet?” on Amazon or get more info on the book at Good Reads.