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The Roaming Yeti
The Roaming Yeti
E20 - Introducing Roaming Yeti Day Off

In today’s episode I am introducing something new – Roaming Yeti Day Off and you can join in the fun. Take a listen and let me know how you are going to spend your Day Off.


Here is a transcript of the podcast. Please keep in mind this was done via AI, so there are typos and mistakes. I tried to catch as much as I can, but it is definitely not perfect.


Welcome to the Roaming Yeti podcast, where we share stories and tips to inspire you to roam your neighborhood and the world. I’m your host and head Yeti Beth Schillaci. Today I want to introduce a new idea, a new concept that you guys can all participate in. And also hopefully it will become part of our city insider insider episodes in the future. It’s something that I’m calling roaming yetis day off. Yes, totally inspired from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I saw something that made me think of the movie. And I thought, well, what would I do if I had the day off in my my town?

You know, we can’t always be roaming the world. And we have responsibilities. And you know, we haven’t all hit the lottery yet. So how can we get out there and roam our local areas in maybe new and different ways and be more of a tourist in our in our hometowns. So this is sort of that if you’re you know, if you’re of a certain age, remember those choose your adventure, your own adventure books. This is sort of our own our own version of that, you know, this is choose your own adventure in your backyard. So here’s what I think I was thinking. You for it to be a day off. You know, I know we can’t all be eight hours off. But let’s say for it to be an official Roman yetis day off, let’s, let’s try to set aside four hours for it to count as a day off. And what I’ve done is, I love a theme, I can’t help it. I love a theme. So you don’t have to follow themes. It’s just something fun and maybe a different challenge in your neighborhood. But I’ve put together some themes for you to base your adventures on and then even some ideas within each of those themes. Of course, you know, if you’re like me, you like to fuel your adventure with some time with something good to eat something good to drink. So you want to build that into your your four hours. It can be you know, one, one adventure multiple adventures within the theme. Again, this is your thing this is choose your own adventure. You You do what you want to do. The best part I think is if you do choose a theme, you can have a totally a different adventure in your hometown each time. So I know at this point, you’re like, Okay, bad get to it. What what are the themes? What are we talking about here? So let me run down notes. The ideas I came up with for themes, and I am open to other suggestions as well. But I’m a sporty arts and crafts, nostalgic slash kid at heart. You know, that’s the one I’m probably gonna always pick history, cultural, pampering, learn something new, or take a class entertainment, nature thrifting slash vintage shopping and road trip. And I’ll get to roadtrip in a little bit. So this is still sound overwhelming. Maybe you’re not like clicking on what, what each one of those themes are activities. So let’s talk about the activities that I think fall into each of these themes. Definitely, some items could be in several categories. Again, there’s no rules. This is your day off. All I ask is you know, dedicate four hours at least four hours just to get out and get fresh and do something new. You build the adventure that that best suits you and to your interest and and timing and location. So let me break these themes down a little bit more of what I’m thinking of in the sport, sporty or sports area. I’m thinking rock wall climbing pickleball also, in that is there anyone out there willing to teach me how to play pickleball I’ve been dying to learn and play. So so hit me up if you’re local to me. Any other sport that you play? If you’re not into playing sports, attend a sporting event. You know if participating isn’t one year thing, we have minor league baseball in our town it’s a really good fun time. So you know it doesn’t have to be a major league it doesn’t have to be a major money commitment. You know, find find a local event to go check out Axe Throwing still something I’ve been thinking about doing. Just I’m a little scared Not gonna lie. So I definitely am trying to take advantage of that at some point. Biking a ropes course, if you’re really adventurous, paintball, and you know, even maybe a Sports Museum, if you’re at one of the Hall of Fame’s, or you know, you have something, something local, I know, we drive through Williams port all the time. And they have the little league Hall of Fame. So it just sort of depends on what your your hometown has for that. So that’s sort of what I look at for the sporty. The next is arts and crafts. You know, for those who like to, to make things, you know, I think this is to me, I’d say push to try to do something different, maybe, or learn a different technique with with your arts and crafts. Maybe go to a paint night, or go to a place where you can do a workshop, like paint your own product, pottery, I think there’s those AR workshops, you can go build stuff or make stuff. So go somewhere and learn something new, try something different. Another option is to head to your craft store to pick up supplies for a new project, something that you can do in that day. And also, if you have a stash at home, already, you know, use that stash and work on a project. Again, try to be uninterrupted try to do from beginning to end really just give yourself that that time and put on your favorite music, your favorite podcast, something to binge, you know, just just really sort of stay in that time and try to do it uninterrupted. I think another really fun thing would would to do would be having a craft party or getting together with a group of friends. Having the supplies already for a specific project and just you know, craft away you have some food, have some drink, have some laughs and just you know, again, uninterrupted time, your time doing something you love. So the next theme that I mentioned is sort of nostalgia kid at heart. And again, like I mentioned before, you know this is going to be the theme, sort of my go to theme anywhere. Hit up an arcade, play some video games, we have a place in town that I still have not made it to yet called spinners. They have pinball machines and video games and skee ball, I really need to get in there. And here they have an area 51 game which used to be one of my favorites. Laser tag if you’re up for it, mini golf, always up for mini golf, bowling, roller skating, ice skating, and going to a local comic book shop and you know, looking what they have amusement rides or amusement park, if you have one local, we have a small one, it’s actually where our mini golf is and they have a few rides, they have an arcade as well, too. So you know, you could sort of spend the the afternoon there and do all the things. Board games get together with a group and just again, it’s, it’s just about taking that time and taking that time off from your responsibilities and doing stuff you love. So you know, play some board games, have some fun, check out an escape room. I know we’re going to be doing that this summer, I actually cannot believe I have not done an escape room yet. So having you know, having doing that is a lot of fun. So there’s a lot in there. Again, there’s other things that go in all these categories. These are not rules, they’re just sort of when I was brainstorming these ideas, this is what I came up with. If history is more your thing, um, theme theme wise, you know, if you have a museum, a history museum, or historical sites, where we’re located here in Maryland, on the Civil War is very big. We have a very cool Civil War medicine museum that you can go to in our downtown. There are civil war sites all over the place. And if they’re in locations, like we have different roadside stops, you know, take a little road trip around your county to check out a few of them. Maybe there’s an exhibit popping up somewhere that you can go and do a little history, or depending on your town, maybe there’s a walking tour, we have walking tours here in Frederick as well. So, you know, get out there and learn a little something about history and your area. I think when you live in a place long enough you sort of forget about what what it’s known for. And it’s a great reminder.

Another theme is arts and culture. And in this I sort of added like art galleries. Emer immersive exhibits, art museums, and also I’m gonna put some of the the Performing Arts in here like play or a musical Um, opera Symphony dance show for performance, check out any murals or street art you might have and do or if you want to take time to do some poetry writing or go to a reading, you know, really, whatever it is that gets you energized, you know, go out and enjoy. And for some people a day off might be pampering a spa day, that that’s a, you know, a great option. I would say, if you’re going to do like yoga or meditation, don’t do your usual class. Maybe try it for the first time or do something different. Like a goat yoga or something, you know, just switch it up for a day. I know, people like floating in these sensory deprivation tanks, this is a big no for me, but I’m not going to yuck someone else’s yum. So if that’s your thing, go for it. Manicure, pedicure massage, even pampering to me can just be taking a bath and reading. Don’t do that for the four hours, the bath part but you know, take take your book somewhere and just just relax. The next theme is take a class or a workshop this is really about learning something new or a new technique. You know, just really, I don’t know having fun with something you already like to do, or, or you’ve been wanting to learn something. And it can be online, it can be an online class or in person. It can be a cooking, maybe it’s a crafts, maybe it’s art, maybe language photography, whatever it is. It just gives you time to learn something new. And it’s again like and I’ll say it again, this is really just about giving yourself permission to set half a day aside and really just do what you want to do. The next is entertainment. Again, a lot of this sort of falls under arts and culture, but live music or go to a movie movie theater and watch a movie, visit film or TV locations that might be in your area. Or if you have comic cons in your area, you know, check out one of those there. There are a lot of fun I’ve been to the one in Frederick and there’s a lot of cool stuff and fun people walking around. Maybe nature is more your theme and you can go for a hike. A picnic if if you’re not into the activities much go to a picnic, hang out on the beach, do something on a lake, you know, kayak or stand up paddleboard just a walk in nature, take photography, do some nature photography, while you have time, or even boating, you know, just get out in the nature in nature, in the nature, get out in nature, and just really enjoy that and, and get that energy back. Um, for some people thrifting and vintage shopping is, is a lot of fun. Go into Barnes sales, or consignment shops or thrift shops and goodwill. I know, Julia and I have made days a day of checking out the different Goodwill stores in our area and some thrift shops. It’s just a lot of fun, you know, you can find some good good deals and find some fun things. So it’s, it’s a nice way to spend a day if you just sort of want to do something different. And then I mentioned road trip earlier. And this is sort of like surprise yourself with a you know, just sort of pick a distance or a time and then map out your desk destination. So don’t pick your destination. First pick how far away you want to go either by distance or time. And then get on Google Maps and sort of make that circle and see where that would be and then go find that place drive to it and go check it out. Go explore. You can have a theme for a road trip or it’s just about checking out a new area. New to you. So did any of these themes make your ears perk up? Of course, you aren’t limited to the activities in each theme. You’re not even limited to the themes. It’s your adventure, go out and be creative. If you’re gonna do it, which one are you trying first? Like? Let me know. I think is this fun? Again? If it’s sort of like Ferris Bueller, he took the day off school. You know if you can take a day off work or it’s even on a weekend, you know, where are you going and what are you doing? I sort of came up with this idea because I know that the bingo cards can be a huge commitment to do each month and you know some people are over whelmed by it. And I thought this would be another option to really take some time for yourself and do something different. Learn something different. So again, this, this is an option to do if bingos too much, or do it in addition to bingo, you know, again, this is create your own adventure. So have fun with it. My My plan is also to bring these themes. And this whole choose your adventure twist to our city guide episodes. Discussing a huge city is overwhelming, our guests are doing such amazing jobs, I love them so much for doing it. But I want to give them sort of an option to that if they want to pick a theme and share some of the activities or favorite places that they would go based on that theme. So I think this does two things. One, it makes talking about a city a little bit more manageable for our guest. And also, it’ll allow us to hear more than one opinion on a city because each guest can pick a different theme, which gives us a really fun angle and more options for learning about a destination. Because, you know, when we go to a city, I think there are definite things that we we want to do. And we all sort of do. But then based on our interest, I think it changes from there. So I think this just gives a little little twist on our city guides. And I hope that helps that our guests have fun with it as well. So, again, I really hope you guys get out there. If you do, please, please, please tag us. Let us know what’s going on what you’re doing. And share with us maybe we’ll make it into a little fun competition and, you know, give out some shirts for people who share. So pick a theme, pick a day, pick some activities, and just have a nice day off. That’s all I’m asking. So I hope these episodes inspire you to get out and roam even in your own neighborhood. So please subscribe so you don’t miss future episodes. And if you like what we’re doing here, please leave a review and a rating. It helps us so much. Also to help support us please head to Yeti to to pick up some roaming Yeti merch and sign up for our newsletter to join our monthly bingo challenge. I’ll talk to you soon and keep roaming