>  E25 – Let’s Go To Disneyland Paris
The Roaming Yeti
The Roaming Yeti
E25 - Let's Go To Disneyland Paris

In today’s episode, Julia and I discuss our trip to Disneyland Paris, the difference between the park and US Parks, what you should do, and why Sleeping Beauty’s castle is so cool.

Are you ready? Let’s Roam.


Here is a transcript of the podcast. Please keep in mind this was done via AI, so there are typos and mistakes. I tried to catch as much as I can, but it is definitely not perfect.

Beth 0:07
Welcome to the roaming Yeti podcast where we share stories and tips to inspire you to roam your neighborhood and the world. I’m your host and head Yeti Beth Schillaci. I have Julia back with me today we’re going to talk about Disneyland, Paris. We have so much to talk about Disneyland Paris, that we’re going to have a whole separate episode for the other park, the studios Park, and our hotel. So get ready. And Let’s Roam. Julia, thanks for joining me again to talk about Disneyland Paris. Yeah, I’m very excited.

So much to say,

we had a good trip, right? I mean,

Julia 0:48
it was yeah, it was fine. I’m, I’m glad I finally got to be able to go.

Beth 0:52
Me too. So now I don’t have to have you hold that over my head for? For any more? Go Cara. Okay. Um, so, Disneyland Paris resort is is to parks. It’s Disneyland, Park. And then or Disneyland Paris. Right Disneyland Paris and Disney and Walt Disney Studios Park? I think so. And Disneyland Paris opened in April 12 1992. So we were there for, they’re still celebrating their 30th anniversary. So they had a lot of a lot of cool stuff. A lot of cool merch. I think in general, if you aren’t riding, if you’re not into writing a lot of rides, you can you can visit both parks in one day, you might be maybe pushing it. Studio parks doesn’t have a lot to offer, I would say unless you’re a huge Marvel fan. And want to spend time over there. But we did the equivalent I think of two full full days over a three day period. So we went to studios for a bit when we arrived. Second day we spent the whole day in Disneyland Paris and the evening we went back to studios for the drone show and then I think we did both parks a little bit the last day

Julia 2:22
Yeah, cuz we popped in real quick for Disneyland Paris. And then we spent the rest of the time and studios

Beth 2:30
overall to me, we’ve been to all but one resort one Disney Resort and that’s that’s Tokyo so I know I know when we go to Tokyo my my opinion will change on this. But right now I Disneyland Paris is I think the most beautiful park. I feel like they took all the lessons they learned from building Disneyland and Magic Kingdom and and use the use all those lessons to improve upon a Disneyland Paris. The landscaping is amazing and beautiful. I feel like this the theming is stronger than the US parks maybe a hot take. I don’t know. But we’ll overall there’s there’s a lot of details that we’ll get to but I I love this park like what what was your first time opinion of this park?

Julia 3:25
I definitely agree. It’s beautiful. It’s gorgeous. It I think it did benefit from the fact because I think they talked about in the imaginary story in which they were saying that because you know Europe has actual castles at these actual places that they had to step it up and they had to really make it for European culture. And I think that that just sort of elevated a lot of classics from the American parks. And yeah, I think I think there was some really great theming I feel like yeah, I feel like some of the theming is a little like in especially in their main park compared to like magic kingdom. I feel like it’s much better there. But yeah, you can definitely tell that they took and just elevated upon their original designs and I it was a it was. I’m so happy I was able to go I want to go back. It’s small but it’s mighty.

Beth 4:21
It is a mighty Park. To get to the parks. You can from Charles de Gaulle Airport, there is a magic magical shuttle airport bus which is what we did. That brought us in it takes it stops at all the hotels which was fun to see all the hotels and dropped us off there. You can do Uber which is what we actually took into the city from from the hotel. There’s a train station right at the entrance of the park. So you can take from Charles to call you can also get if you just want to take a day trip. If you’re at Paris and you just want to go out for the day you can take a train out spend the day at Disneyland. And, you know, not even stay at a resort. So, you know, build that into a tour one day, and then you know, just just wander around and, and enjoy it. But it wasn’t, it wasn’t difficult to get there. So that was, that was a nice thing for sure. So, we’re gonna, like I said, we’re gonna start in Disneyland Paris. And we’re sort of gonna go sort of what we did with animal kingdom. So it’ll be the sort of the format for all our part ones is, is we go sorted by land by land or area. And, you know, talk about what’s there. And this one will talk sort of about some of the differences between parks, but just to get you an idea of what what’s there and what what we think, is probably the fun, you know, the fun stuff to do and look for. So of course, you have to start with, with Main Street, USA, I mean,

Julia 6:02
it’s the first you can’t get around not going to Main Street that’s like the one land that you’re forced to go on to. There’s, there’s no choice

Beth 6:13
there, they really the only ride there is the railroad. And the interesting thing is, when you go into the park, you actually go under the Disneyland Paris Hotel, rather than the train station that you would at Magic Kingdom or Disneyland. So it is sort of a different, different look, you get under there and you’re like, Oh, we’re in the park. Like it’s sort of if you’re used to the other parks it’s a different process. But um,

Julia 6:48
but I wouldn’t say it was nice because there’s like a giant garden to the you have to walk through before you get to like it just the minute you even get there. It’s just magical before you even walk into the park. So I did enjoy that.

Beth 6:58
Yeah, it’s the the landscaping. I don’t know if it’s because I have no idea. I mean, it’s a four season like they get four seasons, there’s the one park that gets snow consistent, should get snow or should get snow. So it I don’t know if that affects what what they have planted there or not. But it’s it’s gorgeous. And another cool thing that they have is on the outside of the of Main Street is they have like a covered walkway, arcade area, um, that let you like walk behind the shops, but it’s covered, which is very helpful for again, with the snow or rain. So it’s just sort of that nice covered walking area, and you can get out of the crowds, it’s, I find it easier, I like to walk in and looking at the castle, but when it’s time to go, I’m happy to miss the crowd.

Julia 7:55
And it’s actually like a wide space. So there is a lot of room for a lot of people. It’s not like something narrow or anything. So it’s also because it’s like you could walk through the store. But that gets really busy. So it’s just like if you just want to walk inside but not to the store. It’s perfect. And then it’s still themed. still great. I think there’s a lot of stuff like the Statue of Liberty in those areas. It’s really great area, just check it out. Anyway.

Beth 8:19
Um, so I know you’re my theming expert. So and and what do you have for us on Main Street?

Julia 8:26
Okay, so first off, there are basic things that are found in basically all the main streets. First off, there’s window designs, if you look at some of the windows, they’ll have names or little things on it, most of them are in reference to a Disney Imagineer or someone really important to the Disney family. Also, especially under the windows that are like Oh, music lessons or dance lessons or something. If you stand underneath them, you can hear them. That’s also true. Like I know, the Hollywood students Park in Florida up. Same thing. Also, if you see a phone somewhere, pick it up, you’re likely going to hear a conversation. It’s so fun. And then also just sort of the use of force perspective. There’s a lot in order to make Main Street look bigger or smaller, different ways that you walk and then to make the castle look grander. And then for the specific one. There’s a barbershop called the dapper Dan’s haircut, and the dapper Dan’s references. The barbershop quartet performs on Main Street in those parks. This barbershop is also a tribute to well thought father who was a barber. And it’s also decorated with furniture from a retiring barber in Chicago. That’s really interesting. Yeah. And then these are just also little fun facts that I found about Disneyland Paris in general that are completely geared to me. But did the Paris is the largest costume stock in Europe, with 250,000 garments, so that a lot of their costume. Their costume shop creates about 5000 costumes a year and some take over two 200 hours to make.

Beth 10:03
Yeah, that everything there is definitely a little bigger. But yeah, the other parks things in my mind things to do we we actually there was a little cafe on Main Street where we stopped to get our Pano shock a lot. And cappuccinos. And it was nice. I think the bakery just reopened that was not open when we were there. And it’s sleeping beauties Castle, you have to get a picture. We’ll talk more about why I think it’s so far the best Castle I’ve seen. But it’s it’s gorgeous. And it’s the landscaping is perfect. And the other things we should be doing while we’re there in Main Street.

Julia 10:53
I mean, Main Street, it’s meant to be shopped. Like you should shop there. Just just walk through the stores. It’s fun. There was a little like bookstore type thing. That was really cool. I found these like cool, like, behind the scenes books of different rides. I don’t know I’m a huge nerd with that kind of stuff. But like, they have like they have the classic stores and stuff like I think they have a hat store and stuff. But like yeah, just shop. Goodbye. It’s fun. That’s Disney.

Beth 11:17
Disney. You need a souvenir. Yeah. Um, so if you go in, you’re turning, we’re gonna turn right off of Main Street. And they don’t have a tomorrow land. They have what they call what’s called discovery land. And I think it makes so much more sense than Tomorrowland. And the rise there they don’t their Space Mountain is actually a Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain. Their Star Tours is there rather than a Hollywood Studios. They have a Buzz Lightyear laser blast. They have an auto topia which is much more preferred than Tomorrowland Speedway and they’re philharmagic is in discovery land and not fantasy land right Magic Kingdom fantasyland. It’s themed so cool. It’s it’s just it’s very Jules Verne steampunk feel feel to it. Which is just, it’s more timeless than like, you sort of go into tomorrow and you’re like, it doesn’t feel like tomorrow anymore. Like it feels dated. So it just, it just works really well. But, um, again, what what did you think? What were your what are the theming details that got you?

Julia 12:42
Well, I mean, I definitely agree. I do sort of like the steampunk and Jules Verne vibes a lot. I think. I still sort of love the like, original concept of Tomorrowland because it’s sort of based on like, 1950s style of the future. And then they tried to update it and they just sort of stopped. So I feel like if they went back to like the 1950s sort of, I think that’d be really fun. But I think I do love sort of how timeless this one is and how steampunky it is. But ya know, I really liked the area because it was like the same rides better theming Yeah, I hate

Beth 13:19
like, it pains me to say it but it it is. So for they could have used figment like, because there is there’s a huge like hot air balloon thing coming out of the ones. Yeah, yeah, it’s applets. So there’s a sapling and it’s like as soon as you see it as a Disney as a Walt Disney World Epcot fan. You’re like is that dream finder? Is figment here? He is not. It is not dream finders. It’s not a figment. But it it has that that sort of original figment feel. That is is really cool. Any cool theme and I’d details that you have for this area.

Julia 14:12
Yeah, so Hyperspace Mountain actually propels to 46 miles per hour in two seconds. And the technology they use is used in aircraft carriers to propel jet fighters to do so. So yeah, it’s it’s a fun launch. It is also the fastest of all the Space Mountain style rides in all the parks. But that is one upside down to right. Yes, I think there’s at least one loop. I think there might be multiple I don’t really remember each is so much fun.

Beth 14:45
Obviously I skipped that one. Anything else? Any other good tidbits?

Julia 14:54
No, I mostly just focused on hyperspace. It was so much but I think we were wrote it twice. I could have read it like so many times. It was such a fun. I like the theming for it’s so cool like it. It’s so great

Beth 15:13
for things to do, obviously, someone thinks Hyperspace Mountain you definitely need to do. I love the audit topia in Disneyland Paris, it’s it sort of takes you through like a French countryside, rather than a race scenario. And just it’s more relaxing. It’s more beautiful. While you’re waiting, though, in line, it starts it starts going down a hill, like that’s how the beginning of the ride is, with a turn to hurt with. Yeah, with a pretty sharp turn. So it it was fun to stand in line and see how kids who were quote unquote, driving the cars. What they did, like, Did they hit the gas did they spit like you just never, never knew. So it definitely. It was entertaining to watch. Both before we got on and then and then when we got on it’s it’s just a it’s a nice drive. I know they’re getting ready to change it a little bit. I really hope they don’t mess it up. So we’ll see. Fingers crossed. And we actually went a lot of serendipitous times just in a full Paris trip, we end up at a British pub Right place, right time or a nation and we ended up in Disneyland Paris on May the fourth. And so it was all the Star Wars celebrations going on. There were a lot of fans a lot of extra things going on, but we actually sort of paparazzi and were able to find mando and grow goo from distance we have some pictures. And that was the clothes that we hadn’t seen them in the other parks yet so it was really cool to to see them walking around a little bit. But again, if we didn’t do all the rides, but I from what’s different from the other ones. Definitely. Audit topia’s is worth it to me. How about you?

Julia 17:18
Yeah, I would say Autopia and then hyperspace down I think those are the two if you do throw rides, hyperspace found 100% Go on and then auto topia is actually worth it. Pretty Yeah. And then I also do have to say the nice thing about the Star Wars section is that it was sort of off of everything else. So it’s sort of in its own like section itself so it’s like there was all that stuff going on, but it didn’t affect any of the other crowding around there really good about having this section so crowding doesn’t happen.

Beth 17:47
Yeah, they in the parks in general they there’s a lot of different behaviors that people are used to doing in the US that you can’t I don’t wanna say get away with it’s actually more organized they they keep people in the area they want you to have you they don’t they will let you know you’re in the wrong place. So it it was nice that that was you could get around it. You weren’t trying to push through people. It was very well organized for sure. The biggest section of the park, which I think is the biggest section of of all the parks is it’s always fantasy land. There’s so much to do. There’s sleeping beauties castle. It’s a small world. Peter Pan’s Flight. There’s a Snow White ride, a Pinocchio ride and Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup. Alice’s curious labyrinth, there’s a carousel, Dumbo, the Flying Elephant, Casey Jr. Train. And there’s a boat ride that you can go see the miniature replicas. It’s in French and I just didn’t even try to

Julia 19:03
win all I can say in French is Pato shock a lot.

Beth 19:06
Yeah. I’m like bungee. I’m good. Um, so yeah, there’s a lot. A lot of rides. I I would say other than the theming. I’d say the fantasyland here is similar to that in Disneyland. Would you agree?

Julia 19:27
Yeah, I think that also sort of has that layout. It’s like the layout but just bigger. Yeah. But yeah, I would say that.

Beth 19:34
Yeah, there’s a lot of there’s a lot of space in the fantasy land which was really really nice. You weren’t in Magic Kingdom. You can sort of get clogged up really easily walking through it, but there was a lot of space the every little thing is is themed and you feel like you’re walking through this little village it’s it’s very cool. You know, the the sleeping beauties Castle is there’s a few few really cool things about this and you can walk through the castle, most of the other ones are blocked by a stage or something there’s you just can’t get through them. There’s also a walk through attraction at the top, that basically you’re walking through stained glass, Windows and statues and other art that tell the story of Sleeping Beauty. And then the exit takes you out to the bow a balcony at the back of the castle. So you’re you’re up in a castle in the castle balcony. And you can overlook kids and adults trying to remove King Arthur’s sword from the stone. Which was so entertaining. Probably about 20 minutes watching.

Julia 20:52
Yeah, it was really fun. Like, it was fun to watch the kids go for it and that adults been tried for it was really entertaining.

Beth 21:00
Yeah, no one no one was successful. But it was, it was fun to watch. It’s just neat that you can be up on that castle. But honestly, to me, the best part of the castle is what’s under it. You go down in a very dark, very area with the steps. But there is a huge dragon animatronic and it’s, it’s so it’s so cool. And so and then the landscaping around the castle they the trees were cut and like the the top of the trees look like the squares from the movie. It’s just so it’s so good like you because you can interact with the and get into the castle. It’s not just like, it’s not just there. Like it’s it’s part of the storytelling.

Julia 21:54
Yeah, it literally does. Especially because of those trees. It looks straight out of the Sleeping Beauty movie, especially like when it starts the beginning of it when it looks like storybook pages. It Like It looks like it came straight out of that. And I think that’s I think that’s a really magical thing to see and be like.

Beth 22:12
Yeah, actually the castle. And another thing that they have, well, they have throughout the parks, they, they have a lot of walkthrough things rather than what we have here in the States and Alice’s labyrinth, it’s the maze is it’s a really fun maze, sort of walk around. But there’s a it’s the Queen of Hearts castle, and you can go up on and there’s such a cool view of the rest of the park from from up there. So it’s definitely, definitely worth walking through and checking out but for the most part, most of the rides are fairly similar, right?

Julia 22:51
Yeah, I would say so. Yeah, they have a bunch of dark rides very, very similar to the Disneyland one. But ya know, I feel like most of the stuff is very similar. I feel like the outside is mostly the difference.

Beth 23:04
Yeah, definitely. Any fun theming the mean details,

Julia 23:10
you know it. So the dragon animatronic which I love and adore, is the biggest animatronic in that park at 79 feet long and it weighs 2.5 times.

Beth 23:26
Yeah, it’s big.

Julia 23:28
It’s so cool. It’s so cool. I love it. I’m like every council should have a dragon.

Beth 23:36
Every single one of them. Fair enough. Um,

Julia 23:40
the castle itself is inspired by month to month Saint Michel and takes more take some more fairy tale approach than the historical approaches that all the other castles take. Again, adding to the magic and beauty of it. The pink color of the castle actually helps to brighten up the typically gray sky.

Beth 24:01
Really nice weather though. So that castle was showing off for us.

Julia 24:05
Yes, that helps. Nice. And then in the 12 minutes of it’s a small road ride. There are 281 animatronics on display.

Beth 24:17
Wow. Yeah. Well, that was that was another thing that we got lucky with had been closed for. I don’t know how long for major refurbishment, and it opened that oh, that’s why we that’s why we went yeah, the last day we were there and we went over and I mean it’s it’s gorgeous. The the painting, it’s been totally repainted and the costumes been just redone and it was just, it was gorgeous. Like it was so cool to see it. I never remember the differences between the rides, but some people do. I know it’s a little different but it was just it was neat to see it like that. fresh coat of paint basically.

Julia 25:02
Yeah, no, that was cool also, because it’s like it’s such an iconic ride. And even if you don’t remember what’s different about each of them, it’s just still fun to see. Oh, they have that there’s that, like, especially when they sort of characters or character influenced to stuff. It’s so much fun.

Beth 25:15
Yeah. And the other theme theme things.

Julia 25:20
No, that’s, that’s it. I don’t want to completely take up the entire time with the mean information. So I tried to limit myself

Beth 25:26
no problem. Um, so things, things you should do. I definitely had to spend time in the castle. And again, I recommend Alice’s maze. It’s a small world. I just think that’s a definite you have to do in every park just just to see see the differences and it’s just such a such a happy, happy ride. I think we we need the reminder that it is a small world. Oh, and in one thing we did do, which is we stood in line for greener hearts and Tweedledee and Tweedledum for pictures. It looked like a short line, but it took a lot longer than we thought.

Julia 26:18
But that was worth it because they’re never there and love the American barks. Like I don’t see them. So I was like, I’m gonna wait for them here.

Beth 26:27
Well, and the reason that it took so long was they spent so much time with each each guest including us, I mean, it’s to two grown ups basically. So I’m taking I’m taking pictures there of course goofing around with Julia. And then next day hair, playing with her hair. And next thing I know I don’t Tweedledee or Tweedledum. I don’t know which one was like, in the face of my camera. Which I’ll have to post pictures because it’s the procession. The progression of pictures is hysterical. And then he comes behind me, and he’s pointing at the camera and it took me a while to realize he wanted me to flip the camera for selfie so so then I have selfie pictures of me and Tweedledee or Tweedledum. And then he went back and I got group shots of everything but I mean it just I can’t stress that. You know, character pictures are not just for kids like they don’t the characters enjoy the interaction. They don’t think you’re weird. Like, just if you see a character you like, just go have fun and experience that I think that’s that’s my constant reminder.

Julia 27:40
No, because it’s great because of both the characters and the character like wranglers and stuff. They’re so good about making you feel like you should you can be there. You are welcomed. They want to see you they want to meet like they make it such a great experience that like it doesn’t feel awkward. It doesn’t feel weird to be like, older and just want a hug from Chippendale or something like it. It’s totally normal. And that’s what I love about it is that it’s like yeah, if you see a character you want to meet, just go it doesn’t matter. It’s not weird. Go

Beth 28:12
do you have any musters in this in Fantasyland?

Julia 28:17
I think I agree with yours. I’m going to harp on the castle. Go say hi to my favorite dragon. Well, actually not my favorite hero dragon in that park. Go go stand on that balcony and watch kids try to take the sword out of a stone just go and actually enjoy the castle because that’s such a rare thing to actually be able to do on a Disney park. So it’s it’s so worth it.

Beth 28:41
Exactly. So from fantasy land, we’ve moved over to Adventure Land. And this has definitely some rides people will be familiar with and and some that aren’t. Has Pirates of the Caribbean or they’re they have an Indiana Jones but it’s Indiana Jones and the Temple temple of peril. So it’s totally different than the Disneyland Indiana Jones ride. They have a Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, they have adventure Isle I’ll which I cannot remember what’s there. They have sort of this pirate walk through section of caves and ships and stuff. And then there’s an Aladdin walkthrough that you walk through and you can see statues and stuff of telling the story of Aladdin. And like I said, the the Indiana Jones rides totally different. And it’s like the pirate section. Like Like I said, it has a different name. But

Julia 29:46
it has a shot. It’s just the Caribbean era area. Like it doesn’t really have a name name. Okay, Caribbean area.

Beth 29:53
That’s good because, but it has a lot of fun things to walk through and see. Again, it’s very dark. Um, we’re used to the US a lot of lights and making sure no one falls down steps. I’m not sure how Osho or the equivalent works in France, but things can be dark. So use the flashlight on your phone, if you’re looking, they’ll get up and down stuff sometimes because it can get get definitely dark in there. But the pirates is a little, little different. A scene that I’m not going to get into because I don’t want to, but there’s a scene that we’re all used to. It’s in a different spot. Right? Okay,

Julia 30:38
I’m gonna say Yeah, cuz I don’t.

Beth 30:41
So it’s, but it’s, you know, it’s it’s pretty much the same pie, which is always good. So yeah, I mean, there’s, it’s, it’s definitely different. But, but also very cool. What did you have for the theming? Any theme?

Julia 30:58
I’m just gonna go back to the differences. Okay. Yes, a little bit more on the Indiana Jones one. Oh, yes. Because

Beth 31:03
you wrote it? I

Julia 31:04
did not. Yeah. It’s an outdoor roller coaster. It does, in fact, have a loop. It’s fun. It has great theming I mean, honestly, anything Indiana Jones is gonna have great theme. Um, I my neck did actually hurt after it. It sort of it sort of took me around a little bit. So it did hurt. It was fun, but it hurt. But ya know that I just want to talk a little bit more about the different like you don’t really there’s not really an animatronic or anything, but it’s just it’s a fun coaster. And the cue is really fun.

Beth 31:36
Yeah. That’s cool. Yeah, I forgot that. That you went on that theming I do have one theming one theming thing there’s a Agra bar Agra ba section in Adventureland, and it’s it’s so cool. It’s like the the tilework and the walkthrough for Aladdin.

Julia 32:03
There’s a V it looks like the back of the Morocco pavilion and

Beth 32:07
it’s it’s gorgeous. But It cracks me up because because of Magic Kingdom, Adventure Land we that’s where the magic carpet of Aladdin Latins magic carpet ride is. Here it’s over in studio Park. It’s not an aggro bot. It it’s so it’s it makes me laugh. We know the reason why. And you’ll hear about it when when we do the episode. But it’s just it’s just one of those funny things because there’s no ride in that that section. So it’s but it’s very pretty. It’s very nice to hang out in and walk around and looked at but yeah, it’s just it’s the fimian detail that makes me laugh the most.

Julia 32:58
I do have to say I sort of like it without it. Like I love the magic carpets. It’s a pretty looking right. But I just feel like because they did such a beautiful job with the architecture in that area. It would have just cheapened it to put it there. So I do respect your decision.

Beth 33:10
That’s fair. And it is it is more peaceful there because it’s it’s not there. So yeah, that’s true.

Julia 33:20
I knew you might notice. Very you know, a very well known ride is missing. Look at it you Jungle Cruise. There’s actually a really solid reason about why it’s busy. It’s because the weather is unsuitable for the animatronic animals. Sorry, they are animatronics I’d but sorry to spoil that. But they’re not go to Animal Kingdom for real animals. Yeah, so it’s just because of the actual four seasons that they get. It would have been bad for the animatronics. There were originally there were some ideas to maybe build the riot under a glass roof, but it was just altogether abandoned as it never came to fruition. But yeah, so you, you will notice that an iconic riot is not there.

Beth 34:03
That’s true. I always forget that. That’s that’s not there. But it? I don’t. There’s so much else. I don’t think it’s it’s fully missed. There. Yeah. I think Indiana Jones writes makes up

Julia 34:16
for that. Yeah, I think that does help that they at least have that.

Beth 34:20
Yeah. Any other theming tidbits for us?

Julia 34:24
No, that’s it. There’s really not. I think it’s just more the fact that there are different sort of lands and sections within Adventure Land. Yeah.

Beth 34:32
Yeah, it’s a bigger land. Then like magic kingdom. It’s a little spread out. But yeah, it does seem that it has a few more areas within the land. I, I rode pirates and did some of the walkthroughs and they land. So I think you should always should always ride pirates if it’s available. And you know, you’re you can ride that but yeah, that that was definitely my my must and then just walk around and sort of enjoy the the theming Yeah. Did you have besides I know pirates you’re gonna say but whatever. Yeah, obviously

Julia 35:14
pirates enjoy the theming I would say if you if you want to risk maybe being shook around a little bit Indiana Jones. It’s fun. It hurt. I think it was also hungry. So that just sort of added to it, but you want to check in with yourself if you think you’re ready for it. It’s a fun ride.

Beth 35:34
Yeah, it’s it looked fine. I was just like, No, thank you. There were a lot but there was. It’s not so crazy. Like a lot of kids were coming off of it. Like it’s not. It’s not a super scary coaster. I think it just the way it’s built. It shakes you around.

Julia 35:52
I think there’s just a little older so it’ll do that. But yeah, no, it’s fine. Otherwise, it’s not anything that it’s like, oh my gosh, like kids don’t even do it. Like yeah, no, it’s fine.

Beth 36:03
And then our, our last land here, which is probably probably the most different is frontier land. And frontier land has Big Thunder Mountain, which we’re familiar with. It has the river boat, which goes through frontier land in Magic Kingdom, but isn’t. But isn’t technically a front Tyrolean ride Correct?

Julia 36:34
Yeah, cuz it was like the Liberty or something. The dock is in Liberty Square.

Beth 36:41
Yeah. And then the big difference. And, and the reason that we were most excited for frontier land is Phantom Manor. Which is their version of haunted mansion. So difference wise, yes. By far the most significant one is is Phantom Manor. It has a different storyline. I’ll let Julia explain a little bit. And, and also let her explain why Big Thunder Mountain is is a little different. I think mainly how you get in and out of it is the the difference but I’m gonna throw it over to you.

Julia 37:27
Yeah, so. Oh, I’m sorry. I love this so much. It’s so great. This is a brief thing. There’s a really great description if you go on like the Disney wiki and look up Phantom Manor. If you’re like I want to know more and it as a great thing. So this was just sort of a brief overview, but it’s so fun to look into. So the house was built by Henry Ravenswood after striking gold with his company thunder mess of mining CO, which is on Big Thunder Mountain. So Big Thunder Mountain Phantom Manor in Atlanta are in fact connected. It’s really cool that they were able to use that as a storyline. They’re in that house. He lived with his wife and daughter who was moved. Lonnie Ravenswood I’m sorry. Well, I grew up and she gotten gauged to a train engineer and they would go and their idea was after they got married, they would go far away which upset which upset Henry Henry made it his mission to stop the wedding. And he did everything he could but he and his wife were killed by an earthquake. And it was believed that the earthquake was caused by the Thunderbird which was a rumor by natives that this was a powerful spirit possessing a treasure treasure in Big Thunder Mountain. Which is thought of that as with Henry’s mining company, it sort of destroyed just disturb the Thunderbird on Milani sweating, on the serious phantom appeared and learn a lot he’s groomed the attic and hangs them. Milani, unaware of what happened waited for her groom. To this day, she still wanders the house in her wedding gown and with her wedding bouquet waiting for her lover to return. The Phantom remains laughing at her human devotion to her last group. The Phantom then invited his dead and demonic friends to come to the house and have a party and a dark curse has fallen upon the house ever since. No one stepped but until you now in a 2019 refurbishment of the ride. It did in fact confirm that Henry Ravenswood was in fact the Phantom and Melania is had four previous suitors that were all murdered by Henry before his death. So it gets more into that but yeah, it’s it’s really interesting.

Beth 39:46
You know, just a happy happy little ride. will say it’s I feel like it’s a little darker not in InLight wise but like the theme it stays a little bit darker than the Haunted Mansion in in the US

Unknown Speaker 40:05

Beth 40:07
which was which was fun so and that that wasn’t that was being refurbished last time we were there so last time I was there so it was cool to to finally experience that and it’s in its full full glory

Julia 40:23
it’s so fun

Beth 40:24
and in Big Thunder Mountain Dew you go under the the sort of lake that it’s on right to get in

Julia 40:32
so there’s like some water surrounding it for the ride sort of on an island itself so where you get on is outside of the islands so yes, you end up going underneath the waterway to actually get to the main right area which was actually sort of cool.

Beth 40:45
Yeah. Any other theming theming details there?

Julia 40:50
Yeah, so just in general frontier land is meant to represent the conquest of the wild west by the European the entrance includes Native American influence but as you continue into the land there started to be more European buildings and then just sort of the general city of thunder masa which is sort of the the name of the city where like Big Thunder Mountain is and where Phantom Manor is

Beth 41:16
big I mean a Phantom Manor is a is a definite do and I didn’t do Big Thunder Mountain this time, but I’ve I’ve tried it on a regular so if you if you like any kind of roller coaster definitely do that. Is were those your your main main must dues.

Julia 41:39
Yeah, I think those are my main must dues. I mean, Phantom Manor is you didn’t go to the park. If you didn’t ride Phantom Manor. I feel like I just say that about any park where there’s a haunted mansion, but like specifically Phantom Manor, the lore behind it so good.

Beth 41:55
Yeah, it’s it’s definitely it’s, it’s very different. There’s a lot of familiarity, but then it’s very different to so it’s, it’s definitely not to skip in your mind. What are the best thrill rides and in the whole park.

Julia 42:12
There are not a lot of thrill rides. My favorite one was had to be Star Wars. Hyperspace Mountain. It is just so much fun. That launch is great. The theming is great. The outside, absolutely gorgeous. It’s sort of fun, because like the cannon that you’re shot through is like supposed to be like from Baltimore or whatever. So I thought that was sort of fun, because we’re from that area. But like, I that was my old time, like, favorite thing. Second, I’m gonna say the big better mountain big better mountains classic. I love it. It’s always fun. It’s always good. Great for me. Great queue. It was a lot of fun. The one weird thing about the queue, at least when we went on is that they split you into two lines. And then they merged you back into one line to then get loaded on. Interesting. So that was so honestly, depending on which side you chose really had your wait time because the people that were behind us they weren’t on the other one. And we were so far ahead of them by the time that we actually went back to online. So there there’s gonna be a little luck of the draw with that. Yeah. And the third I’m gonna say any of the Jones metaball apparel. It’s a fun ride. It hurt but it was fun. I’d probably do it again. It was worth it.

Beth 43:23
It’s worth a little pain for that. In in full like what rides are to not be skipped? If you’re if you’re there.

Julia 43:34
Phantom Manor. Obviously don’t skip it. I wouldn’t say Hyperspace Mountain go to the castle. And then Autopia Autopia is fun.

Beth 43:47
The only two I would add is small world and I think the maze alysus mazes is just it’s so different. Yeah, sort of nostalgic and and they’ll statues and stuff. So

Julia 44:01
as someone who loves that movie and globs all the details of the movie. It was so fun because like, oh my gosh, it’s that creature. It’s that it’s it’s it’s so much fun. It’s really pretty. It’s a fun little lot like you don’t you’re not around a lot of people in it like it’s just it’s fun to sort of get away.

Beth 44:15
Yeah, yeah, it’s quiet in there. Some I like to call introvert recharging zone. As far as eating and drinking, we didn’t do a lot in the park or in this park. Like we still we did have the pano shock a lot. And then I cannot remember it was an Italian restaurant. I cannot remember the name of it. In fantasyland. We went in specifically to see the newly designed they had a room themed for Luca which is one of our favorite The pizza in there, it was fine. It wasn’t great. But the, the place was gorgeous. And you they actually let you, you sort of peeked in and they let you go in and take pictures. So

Julia 45:13
yeah, cuz the locker room was currently closed off. So I think we ended up in a lady in the tramp around. Um, but so the liquor was closed off, but I saw some people looking in and like there was a casper that let you in. So like I was sort of peeking through and they’re like, Oh, do you wanna come out? So yeah, so I was able to look at it, I was able to see it, there’s some really cute theming stuff. There’s some SWAT like, it’s so cute. I love that movie. And the theming was just so perfect for it. I was like, I love this. And I don’t know when it’s going to open up, but I think it’d be magical to eat in that room.

Beth 45:42
I think when I think it’s probably depends on how many if they need extra room for for seating. I don’t know. But I will say that was a difference in, in the parks that it was actually I, I appreciated it but in the US, people will go in get their table and then send someone up to order. And it just sort of, and I understand why it and we’ve done it in the past. But it’s sort of just messes up with the the flow because they know how you know getting people in and out. You cannot usually do that in in Paris, they will stop you you have to have food to go into the sit down area, you have to have their food you can’t have because you can bring food in that you had to had ordered. And then they’ll let you in. Also, there’s not a lot of paper products. So it takes about one meal to figure out where everything when you when you go to dispose of stuff. So it’s

Julia 46:49
normally about like five different sorting things. And also, because some of the translations weren’t the same, like I don’t think they use the word recycle, but they use sort of a synonym to it. So it was also that moment of like trying to translate what it meant to you. But once you figured it out, it was super easy. And it actually made a lot of sense.

Beth 47:05
Yeah, and it was really was nice to see such a sustainable method use. I know, we would probably have some, some initial issues in the US Park of things, walking off out of the park with with guests. But I just think from an environmental standpoint, I do hope some of those changes start start coming over because like Joe, you said it, it took one or two trips up there to know where everything went. But then it was it was a pretty quick process. They were very, very helpful to put it definitely. They had a process, they were not afraid to tell you you couldn’t be in a room or or sitting at a table if they felt you were at a bigger table than your party needed. Which I really appreciate it because it it we never had to look for a table there was always a table available because of how they did that. So but just just be aware that that sort of a culture difference at that park and you know, just just respect what the cast member asked you

Julia 48:14
please. Yes, yes, I’ll always every park about a castle reset something perspective. Don’t be mean to them. They are doing their best and Yeah,

Beth 48:25
exactly. Um, just some final final thoughts. I have is, you know, even to me, even if you’re, you’re not a huge theme park fan, but just any but you want something different to do for a day when you’re in out in Paris is take the train out and just walk around Disneyland Paris and just enjoy it. It’s beautiful. It’s just says something different. And it’s really worth it. And I’m looking forward to there’s some stuff coming up. It’s at the studios part that we’ll talk about, but you know, it’s definitely worth a trip out there. It’s you don’t need a full week there. I mean, you could you could probably then get every ride done. But you know, a day a day and a half is is probably great for most people. What any, any final thoughts you have.

Julia 49:24
Yeah, I definitely agree it is so worth it to go even if you’re just gonna walk around and ride to rides like it. It’s such it’s one of the more beautiful parts of all of them. It’s so worth it to just to just stroll around and truly just appreciate the theming appreciate everything and just truly soak it in because it it’s very magical. It’s very beautiful. It’s very like storybook kind of thing and it’s so worth it just to walk around, even if you’re not going to do anything else just walk around and enjoy it.

Beth 49:55
Exactly. So that is it for Disneyland. HARRIS will be back in another episode to talk about the studio’s Park. But I hope these episodes inspire you to get out and roam even in your own neighborhood. So please subscribe and don’t miss so you don’t miss future episodes. And if you like what we’re doing here, please leave a review and a rating and also to support us please head to Yeti to to pick up some roaming Yeti merch, and sign up for our newsletter to join us on in our monthly bingo challenge. Talk to you soon and keep roaming