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The Roaming Yeti
The Roaming Yeti
E27 - Let's Go To Walt Disney Studios Park

Marvel Fans Assemble. In today’s episode, Julia and I discuss Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris and get a little geeky about Avengers Campus and Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel.


Here is a transcript of the podcast. Please keep in mind this was done via AI, so there are typos and mistakes. I tried to catch as much as I can, but it is definitely not perfect.

Beth 0:06
Welcome to the roaming Yeti podcast where we share stories and tips to inspire you to roam your neighborhood and the world. I’m your host and head Yeti Beth Schillaci. Today Julia and I are going to discuss Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris.

As long as the hotel we stayed in Marvel fans you out there, you’re ready. Let’s Roam. We’re back. So the studios Park. I’m going to call it that because Walt Disney Studios Park just has a lot of words. It opened March 16 2002. And while Disneyland Paris is beautiful, and well themed with a lot of rides, studio parks is I’m gonna say it’s a park in transition. When it’s much better than it was five years ago, when John and I visited it. It’s much better. They’ve added an Avengers campus. They’re continuing to make improvements throughout. They’re working on a section that’s going to be dedicated to frozen have their own little Arundale there, which I think will be great. And there’s gonna be some new restaurants and garden area and I believe I have my information right at tangled ride that’s supposed to be similar to the tea cups. So I think it’s instead of tea cups. It’s lanterns is what I’ve heard. So I don’t know we’ll see. But Arundale is definitely we saw some of that in in progress. So I’m, I’m looking forward to seeing how they build upon and improve that part. Because there’s there’s a lot of cool there’s cool things there and it’ll be fun to watch it. Build What was your first impression? This being your first trip.

Julia 2:13
I loved the entrance. I’m always I’m, I’m someone that will sort of die on the Hill that my favorite entrance to a Disney park is Hollywood Studios. Like Main Street is good, but it’s like I love Main Street. But then you see the castle so you’re not looking at Main Street. I love how I was students because it just immerses you into that old Hollywood feel. And I do think this park does a really good job of like, you walk in and there’s a giant soundstage. And then you walk in and then it like it’s it’s like it looks like a soundstage. Like the soundstage is supposed to represent a street in Hollywood, but it like it’s still fake and like it does that and then you walk in and then it’s like this is interesting.

It has a strong start and you’re like okay, there’s a tower of tear, beautiful. And then there’s like cartoons, and then there’s Avengers campus, and that’s like it. So it’s like it’ll, it’ll be really cool when they start getting more stuff. But I think it has a strong base right now. But in a few years, it’ll be a great park that you can spend a whole day and yes, it’s definitely I would say for most people, half day Park Marvel fans, it’s a full day fair. Yeah.

Beth 3:29
And you’ll realize well you’ll you’ll learn why when we get a little further in. So again, we like to look at the different areas and lands within each park. And it’s really have a sense where that that front lot is your your entrance. And again, it’s it’s it has that Hollywood Studios feel but instead of walking down the street, you’re you’re it’s more of a film studio feel which is really cool. And and when so you walk in and it it feels like the inside of a film it film studio. But there’s a restaurant a quick serve restaurant and then a store. I think a little bakery counter. We did get a very good hamburger, a Blackwidow hamburger and at the quick service and it’s it has cool theming there too, because it’s sort of like a soundstage and very like behind the scenes kind of thing for Disney World fans. There’s some fun theming there’s a Brown Derby sign it’s not the tiki room sign but there is some Tiki stuff so there’s just some fun Hollywood Calif California and Hollywood Studios calls call outs that you know are fun to fun to look at. There’s a lot there’s a lot to look at in there really

Julia 5:00
There’s a lot because it’s really fun. What I really like is there’s a bunch of like flats and stuff. So it’s on one side, you see, like, what it’s actually supposed to be or whatever and like what you’d see in the movie, but you walk around to the other side, and you just see the woods structure of it. And so it’s really cool that the like, they didn’t hide it, because that’s part of the thing is to feel like you’re on a soundstage. And to see sort of the behind the scenes magic magic to it sort of being like, you’re gonna go behind the scenes, and you’re also gonna go into it into the park. And I thought that was really cool, because it’s like, you’re sitting in like an area that’s like a false room. So it’s like walls that are up like they’re only so tall, and you can like, look up and you see all the lights and stuff. Like it’s just, it’s a really cool experience.

Beth 5:39
It is it’s in so it is like, like we said it’s a little like Hollywood studios, but but just a different different approach. And then, once you get in through the front lot, and there are some stores shops, also when you when you go in, you end up in the, what they call the production courtyard. This is where it’s sort of it says production courtyard, but like you don’t really there’s not a lot of theming going on. I think this is one area that they’re working on. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is there. There are two sorts of shows. One’s a Disney Jr. Dream factory, and one is stitch live. We did not go to either one of those. I do know that in July of this year, they will be opening another show called together a Pixar musical adventure. So that that should be fine. And there’s there’s just there’s a huge open area here, which I don’t know what they’ll be doing with it. But right now, it’s where you sit for the Avengers drone show. That’s that was part of the 30th. It was supposed to be ending the week we were there. But they announced I think a week after that, that they’ll bring it back again in the fall. So if you’re going to be there, and that’s going on, check that out for sure.

Julia 7:11
That was really cool. It was so cool. Like you’re like okay, drones. But it was so

Beth 7:17
cool. It’s five 500 drones. I think they use to do the pictures. And then they project onto the Tower of Terror, which is, you know, really cool.

Julia 7:31
I’m so happy. We got to see that. That was really cool.

Beth 7:34
Yeah, that was worth was worth fighting off the jetlag for and then would talk about the Tower of Terror force a little bit.

Julia 7:46
Yeah, so the the Tower of Terror is sort of similar to the Tower of Terror in Walt Disney World. But I mean, there’s a few differences. First off, this is a really minor and weird difference is that if you’re useful to 01, you know that you’re in the car, and you go up to a thing and then you then drive into until you actually drive into the elevator shaft, you hear a few clicks. And then that’s when you know you’re about to drop or go up. That’s not the case. televator they close, you go up or you drop edit was terrifying. I know dad was laughing at me because he’s been on it before it I haven’t. And I was waiting for like, you know, I’m waiting for the clicks. That is not the case, it just goes for it was just sort of fun. So that that’s a major difference. There’s also there’s really cool, there are three different storylines, depending on which elevator shaft you’re in. But they all focus around the character Sally shine, who is the little girl, you know, the little girl, usually with a little Mickey doll or whatever. So the first storyline is called the benevolent the malevolent machine, which is basically sort of like the elevator itself wants to trap you the little ghost girls, the least of your worries, that kind of stuff. Um, there’s also really great descriptions online, if you want more into it. It’s not these are just sort of brief. The shaft creatures, which sounds insane is basically there are little creatures in the shaft as the name would make it sound. And the louder you scream, the worse it gets. The Imagineers didn’t

Beth 9:21
do these rides, there’s sound terrible.

Julia 9:24
The Imagineers created technology that they could hear based on the level the amount of screens and how loud it is, it will in fact get more intense, which is actually really cool. Like the little girls, like Be quiet Don’t make a noise, because it is it is a threat. And then the last one is called the fifth dimension. Basically a portal has opened and there’s a sinister poltergeists that once your soul

Beth 9:52
I feel like everything in Paris is gets is a little darker, a little more intense than then We’re used to it. Yeah.

Julia 10:03
The thing is, though, it’s like you hear that, like, I cannot tell you which ones because I, I feel like we went on it twice. I cannot tell you which ones we were on. So it’s sort of like it’s still the same thing. It’s still up and down. You don’t like the storyline, you can sort of tell there’s a few plate like rooms that you go into. But so it’s not like the entire thing is the story. It’s not like it’s like, it’s not like it adds to anything. It’s just, it’s still the up and down. But it’s sort of cool. When you look at that you’re like, oh, there’s some interesting stuff there. But ya know, like, you see the little girl a few times, it was different thing, but I never connected it to it. Oh, this is the whole story. So hearing that you’re like, what? It’s

Beth 10:45
Gotcha. Yeah. realize all that was was going on while I was you know, just sitting having a beer and relaxing. You guys were fighting

Julia 10:58
our soul statue.

Beth 11:02
We’ll get to know. Her there. I mean, like I said, there’s not a lot going on in there. So in the courtyard other than at least for us, then Tower of Terror, whether there are any other fimian details there that that you picked up on.

Julia 11:19
I feel like the one other thing that I noticed, I feel like that one, the garden area of the tarp terror was much nicer and much more like well kept, which is, I know, you’re like, wait, shouldn’t everything at Disney be well kept. But in Walt Disney World, in the tariff tear, it’s not because it’s part of the theming. Right, because it’s an old. It’s an old hotel that nobody goes to do. So it can overgrow, but this one seemed like they just recently made it pretty. So it was sort of weird to be like, This doesn’t feel out of place. But I mean, that’s just a minor thing that I noticed of being accustomed to being in the state. So but yeah, I it was a fun ride. I love it. I will forever love that ride. I can forever love the TV.

Beth 12:05
Yeah, yeah. And I would say in that area, there’s there’s a few little like, food truck looking things. And there’s some, some seating, some tables and chairs. Not a lot. But it, there’s definitely a lot of potential that they can can do there in the next couple of years. So it’ll be it’ll be interesting to see what they do. There’s also what they call tune studio. And if you listen to listen to the Disneyland Paris episode, you’ll know what I’m talking about here. There’s the flying carpets over Agra ball are in the tune studio, rather than the aggro boss section in Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, but I’m gonna, before I talk about the other rides and attractions, I feel like Julia needs to explain because when she explained the theming of this area to me it it made a lot more sense. So I’m gonna I’m gonna let her share that with you guys.

Julia 13:12
Yeah, so this section is sort of a spin off of Mickey’s Toon Town, but like in Disneyland, California. However, this takes a spin on it, where the Disney this is actually where the Disney characters go to work in a sense, and they make their movies as if they were live action with actual practical sets, real technology, that kind of stuff and not animation. So yeah, so the right like, there’s a fake backdrop behind it. You have the genie with a little like director, like megaphone thing. Jelle, like, oh, do this, do this. And once you realize that it’s they’re actually doing live action animation. It makes more sense.

Beth 13:53
Yeah. Because before I knew that, it, it just it was very confusing to why. But, but this brings up then the two other things that go on in tune studio is animation celebration, which from what I understand is similar to what Hollywood Studios used to have when there was an animator there with moo shu, and they sort of talked about the process. And then there’s an animation Academy, which is a guided session, where you learn to draw a character which you can do an animal kingdom. So I don’t just sort of makes me laugh that’s like, well, it’s live action, but here’s how to do a animation to so again, it’s I love this part, because it just, it it just has a lot of sort of things going on. And they are you know, they are making the changes and stuff and it’s improving but it’s just, it’s just sort of cute to see how there’s a story but it doesn’t quite connect the dots exactly the way you would think it would

Julia 14:59
I think it was like California Adventure before they got the recent updates. Yeah. So yeah, I think I think like California Adventure once we’ll get more and a little clearer vision on some stuff, it’ll make way more sense and yeah,

Beth 15:13
yeah. I agree. But But I love the little park like it’s, it’s it’s so outside once you leave turn studio, what the biggest section of the park is they called the worlds of Pixar. So you have a car road trip, which used to be the backlot tour, cars race rally ride, the original Ratatouille, the adventure ride, which now is also an Epcot crushes coaster, which, as far as I know is not anywhere else. And then there’s Toy Story areas called Toy Story Playland. And it has a toy soldiers parachute drop, an RC racer ride and a Slinky Dog zigzag spin. I would say those Toy Story rides are much more like like you would see in carnivals rather than amusement park rides. And I personally be because of that. Those aren’t my type of rides so I like the ones up at Hollywood Studios better. What do you think?

Julia 16:31
I I think actually, when you look at all the toys starlet because First up this was actually in fact, the first Toy Story land here. And then most of the other ones all the other toys Raelians besides the one in Hollywood studios are all sort of the same thing. Sort of that carnival type thing. Ours is actually the weird one. We actually have a roller coaster with Slinky Dog, not just Slinky Dog going in a circle. So I think, yeah, I think I like ours better because it’s, there’s actually more to it.

Beth 16:59
Yeah. It seemed like, but I remember walking into it because that was the first time five years ago I had been in a Toy Story themed land and you do you feel like one of Andy’s toys. They’re very good at making you feel that way for sure. But you guys did crushes coaster. I didn’t go what? And that’s as far as I know, that’s not any other park. So what? How was that experience?

Julia 17:29
crushes coasters, a lot of fun. I have a few little fun facts about it. So first off, it’s a it’s four people per car, two on one side, two on the other side. And so first off, it’s crushes coasters, actually the first Pixar themed throw ride in a Disney park. So it does have that for it. Like I said, the ride vehicle is double sided. Ride vehicle has the two sides. So therefore, some scenes are duplicated. Oh, so like the Angley or angler fish is on both sides. So the both sets of people get the same experience. So it’s not like you’re just on the wrong side so you don’t get the story. And then also, the actual ride credit itself is made in a specific way because it’s a spinning ride vehicle. And so it’s made to the guests weight can cause it to rotate and turn in different ways, which gives it a unique ride experience every time. So I remember when I rode with Dad is like I ended up when I ended I was in the same site like I was I think I was backwards. And I ended backwards. But I think Dad was started backwards and then he ended forwards. Oh, it’s like it’s gonna be different each time. It’s sort of fun. You’re riding through the coaster and you’re swinging around like it’s it’s a lot of fun. Yeah.

Beth 18:45
Yeah, I know you guys had a good good time on that one. And like I said, this is this is where the ratatouille ride was first. And I remember writing it five years ago and and being so mad we didn’t have it in the US. So I was when it opened at Epcot I was I was so excited. It’s a great thing about it is you can you can’t there’s single rider so you can get through really quick. I will say the downside of single rider where you don’t speak the language is it can be a little confusing for families if all of a sudden this American is just sort of getting into their car. So just just be aware, you might get strange looks in in single rider but but it’s fun. And that whereas they already had the French pavilion in Epcot, and they put the ride in. When they put the ride in a studio parks they sort of built their own little French pavilion so there’s a Remi fountain. When you get off the ride, there is a restaurant that is probably one of the best themed areas I’ve seen. It’s it’s rummy’s restaurant so you can go in and the chairs look like champagne corks and it’s just it’s so cool we have any size hmm you become rat sized you become rat sized and into the family but it’s just it’s a really it’s really cool when you walk through there and and see the restaurant. So it’s it’s definitely worth the ride. It’s a 3d ride.

Julia 20:34
It’s trackless.

Beth 20:35
It’s tracklist there’s my favorite thing. There’s there’s just a lot of reasons to write it both there and and in Epcot. But it it’s fun. So I think those are the main things. The cars road trip is. Last one, we were there five years ago. It was a backlot tour. tramcar that was similar to what we had in studios. They retrofitted it to be cars themed and it’s, it didn’t work. It’s, they didn’t do enough where it was actually themed. And, and they had stuff it was adorable. If you love cars, and I do I enjoy cars. It just, it needs more. So I’m not sure if it’s a temporary thing and they’re gonna they’re gonna totally change stuff but it’s it’s a huge letdown when you’ve been to Radiator Springs in, in California Adventure. And then doing that it was it wasn’t. But it’s cute. It’s fun to ride on. It’s something to do. There is a special effects area that is is worth the, the short line that you’re gonna have to stand in to get get on it.

Julia 21:54
It’s such a huge tram that like yeah, you you probably won’t be waiting any more than five minutes, you probably won’t be waiting any more than waiting for the next tram of one’s already left. Like it’s so it’s like yeah, if you have like, what maybe 1020 minutes like it’s not that long.

Beth 22:10
No, it’s it’s a quick ride through so yeah, it’s it’s definitely it’s something to see. Um, as far as things you should do, I’m gonna say ratatouille. I’m gonna say the Remi ride for sure. I didn’t go because I didn’t go and crush this coaster. So what what do you think?

Julia 22:32
I would say crush this coaster. I’m gonna say I’m gonna talk a little bit about single rider real quick on these two rides of totally different single rider experiences. crashes because we did single rider on both crushes coaster. I feel like we were in line for about 45 minutes, even at single rider is because that ride because there’s four people for ride vehicle. If you have a lot of people that are two or four groups, you’re not going anywhere you’re waiting. You’re waiting for the whole three group or five group ride RAM Rameez ratatouille adventure, or whatever it’s called. I think I made up a name

Beth 23:07
Ratatouille, the adventure, the adventure, okay.

Julia 23:13
That is sort of made for single riders, it is six people Picard three in a row. Likely again, you have two groups of two and four. So likely one to two single riders is going to each cart. It’s so that single rider, you won’t be waiting long crushes coaster, you might be waiting a little while. So it there’s a lot of rides do have the two and four things. So it’s like it’s a little harder as a single rider. Again, that’s why test track in Epcot is good for single rider, because it’s again, it’s a three in a row. But yeah, so that’s just a little information about single rider, but like Ratatouille, it’ll be a quick line.

Beth 23:49
So it in crushes coaster? Does does the queue make it worth than waiting in the regular line and not doing single rider?

Julia 24:01
I don’t know because we didn’t do the actual queue. I think some of the queues outside you don’t really see a lot. I don’t know about the inside part. I know at least for single rider like when you’re inside it’s actually really cool because it it looks like the dock there’s actually stuff so it’s like it has some stuff to look at on single rider. I’m not really sure that I think has the longest ride of any of the rides in the two parks. Like it that is the most popular ride. It’s been there forever but it’s the most popular ride still. So it’s gonna be a gamble either way, but I think dedicate an hour or two. It’s gonna be worth it. Right?

Beth 24:37
That makes sense. So that’s really about it in the world of rules of Pixar. Again, this is not a big a big park so the last area is Avengers campus.

And so there’s there’s two rides, but there’s a few extra attractions that I’ll say they have Avengers Assemble flight force, they have Spider Man web adventure. Then there’s a Mission Control heroic encounter facility. That’s very official. And then they have a few shows that rotate around. I always met Dora Melosh right that I get that right Dermalogica Dermalogica sorry for Loki, Thor and Loki. There’s a guardian stance off, characters come out to the Quinjet to wave and sort of check on things. There’s a Black Widow and Black Panther fight taskmaster, non Marvel fans have no idea what I’m saying right now. I might as well be speaking Greek. And SpiderMan fights the tracksuit mafia. So what does all this mean?

Julia 26:08
Jack’s about who’s probably the weirdest one out of context.

Beth 26:11
I was the I was the most shocked by that one that because we do not have that in California. Um, when

Julia 26:20
we had a, I think we have a tracksuit one with the hawk eyes during the holidays. But I know what Spider Man Yeah,

Beth 26:27
so that one that one threw me I was very, but it was very cool. Flight force. They don’t, we don’t have it California Adventure. It used to be the rock and roller coaster, which is at Hollywood studios, but it’s been pre themed. And then another big difference for us was the characters walk around a California Adventure and interact with guests and each other. It’s even more fun when they interact with each other. But Paris they sort of come out perform or they go they’re up in the platform by the Quinjet to wave they do have a meet and greet area, which is the heroic encounter facility.

Julia 27:11
So it’s you also don’t know who’s gonna be there.

Beth 27:14
Right? I guess every day it’s it’s different, or I’m not sure how it changes

Julia 27:18
on whatever. I think there’s a few characters that it’s like you’re usually going to see, but there’s some characters words like you probably won’t be able to meet.

Beth 27:26
Yeah. And Spider Man web adventure. Web adventure is the same as the one in California Adventure, right? It was.

Julia 27:37
Yes. I think it has all the same rooms, too. Maybe I think they might have a flight for this one. But I think that’s the only difference.

Beth 27:43
It’s just Tom Holland speaks French right?

Julia 27:46
Oh, gosh, I was so because you walk in you’re like okay, maybe they’re actually gonna keep it maybe like this will actually be Tom Holland twice. We’re just gonna have the French caption. No, it’s not Tom Holland. It’s someone speaking French over and then they have the captions up. So it’s really weird to watch that because like his what his mouth isn’t even going with it because of him. English. It was weird because we like maybe it’ll actually be in English and stuff. Because the pre shots for all the rides are very inconsistent of what is going to be an English, right, which I personally found sort of frustrated, like, I’m not like, everything needs to be in English. And like, just put like subtitles up somewhere. I just don’t want to be try to figure out what I have to listen to or pay attention to. Right? Well, the

Beth 28:27
most confusing would be when it was two characters and one would speak English and the other one would speak French. Yeah. And you’d have to try to figure out what was going on via context. And yeah, it was sort of like just be all in French and give me subtitles.

Julia 28:43
Yeah, because like you were like I think most of the stuff like the important stuff is repeated by the each person so it’s like both language was heard it but there are some times where you’re like, Am I missing out on something I could be missing something unimportant. I like so it was sort of stressful so it was like I just wanted it to be an all in one like like I really liked what they did and Phantom Manor and we were going back a little bit but Phantom Manor because it like it would do it a line in French and then a lot in English and that seemed like English landed French same line in English so I did like that but yeah, so each ratio does have something different. Yeah, that’ll be fun to sort of it’s it’s sort of like which 1am I gonna get now?

Beth 29:20
Well and and Thorin Loki both spoke English no one of them spoke English and one of them spoke no, I

Julia 29:27
think Loki was noted up for was in French Loki wasn’t English.

Beth 29:34
Yeah, so it it is like I understand it, but it does it. It gets a little confusing. So it, there’s definitely that going on. But there’s, there’s a lot. If you’re again, if you’re a Marvel fan, you can easily spend half a day just trying to see all the different groups come through and the different you know, characters and stuff So it’s, it’s a cool area is it on and the other cool thing it has is on the outside of the flight force. It had Friday who would talk at times and stuff too so it it it’s it’s a little more themed and develop than the original one and California Adventure. But it doesn’t have it didn’t have that character interaction. I don’t know if that’s conflict I don’t know if there is character interaction at some point and we just didn’t have it but it was sort of a bummer not to not to see that kind of because

Julia 30:40
Yeah, cuz I like California Adventure because it feels like you’re in the universe. In Paris, it felt almost like you were just walking through the universe. Like I did miss that. interactiveness. But still, it’s a beautiful area. It’s really great. There’s a lot of fun stuff to look at.

Beth 30:54
Yeah, there’s there’s a lot to look at. Another difference is Pimm’s kitchen in Paris is a sit down restaurant that you pretty much needed reservations for it’s a quick serve, and sort of lounge bar area in California. So we didn’t get to go in and see how it was different. And then a restaurant that they haven’t Paris that we do not have in California is starring me, but we need

Julia 31:22
I want it so badly.

Beth 31:24
Is Starks factory. It had really good food we had we tried a couple of flatbreads, and some really good chocolate dessert. Really cool. Theming and I’m gonna let Julia take it over from here.

Julia 31:42
My favorite room, something that I like I if I ever have a house, it would be fun to have a room for this. I love it so much. As a fan of the Agent Carter TV show, we had agent Peggy Carter’s office or shall I actually say director Peggy Carter’s office because I think it’s supposed to be based in the 1950s when she was the director and founder of shield. If you’re unfamiliar with who Peggy Carter is She first appears in Captain America The First Avenger. She is working with the SSR with the army. She helps to train Captain America Steve Rogers does in fact have feelings for her but he goes into the ice where anything could happen. And we are not going to talk about how endgame ends. I don’t believe in it. Just like all the Avengers campuses, what’s endgame? I don’t know her.

Beth 32:31
Right. We ignore endgame.

Julia 32:35
Yeah. And I love the pain Carter office because it includes both stuffs from the movies and also from the Agent Carter TV show. It’s a two season TV show. It’s on Disney plus go watch it. It’s so much fun. I love it. If you love like little spy espionage things. If you love little feminist things if you love 1940s They like it’s so much fun. I love it. It’s funny. It’s great as a great cast. i That’s my plug. Go watch it. It’s like one of my favorite shows. My favorite details in the office itself. It has the iconic Peggy Carter Red Hat from the from like the pilot episode of Agent Carter. All the things you see on a blue suit and at Red Hat that Red Hat hanging up. There’s a bunch of photos around some of the photos include a picture of little, little kid Peggy Carter, when she’s playing a night. There’s a photo of her brother, there’s a photo of tiny Steve Rogers. There’s a photo of Stark. I’m blanking on his name right now. It’s first name. I can’t remember how we’re

Beth 33:44
powered. I just like I was thinking Ah, first thing and Henry and I was like that’s not right.

Julia 33:48
There’s a photo of young Howard Stark. There’s a photo of Peggy herder with Dottie Underwood, which I find so random. It’s one of the promotional photos from I think the second season of Agent Carter. It was a really random throw it I think I love it. It’s great. There’s a photo of her with Dum Dum Dugan. It’s I love it. There’s great photos in there. I’m probably my favorite detail. Again. I’m such a nerd. My favorite detail in this office is that there is her little compact from the Agent Carter one shot

Beth 34:22
a little like that’s a deep cut.

Julia 34:24
It’s a deep cut the little like mirror compact that she has because she uses it to like I think see someone behind her. Were just super cool. Also a great little one shot go watch it it doesn’t make sense with Agent Carter TV show but we don’t need to get into that. But that’s just laying on a box that I like we were leaving. I saw I was like, Oh my gosh, just the compact and I’m sure y’all were like You are insane.

Beth 34:46
No, we’re used to it. Um,

Julia 34:49
there’s the like, original Captain America shield that he used when he was on the like the press tour with the scene. Man with the plans. There’s this like little hell MIT like, there are so many fun things. There’s an entire board of where Steve Rogers it’s it’s such a cool office. And it’s

Beth 35:09
that’s just one room of that facility. Like that’s the thing the crazy like there’s guys there was what the Hulk Hulk Buster? never remember the name Yeah, there was

Julia 35:22
a poster sued right suit right when you walk in. There was another room that I think it had some of the gamut stuff in it also was a giant like so Star logo spray painted. And then one of the other rooms that some also really cool details that I love to have little cages hanging up. And they all have accessories of a bunch of the vendors. My favorite one, um, has a bunch of Black Widow batons. It has the white suit that she wears in the Black Widow movie along with the accessories, like you can see the little shoulder pads hanging up. You can see the belt. I’m such a nerd. I love it. There’s also one that has our favorite bird boys. It has Hawk eyes bow in his quiver, along with falcons wings, that his goggles, it’s I put details in that restaurant are so much fun. It is something that I could have spent forever in there. But I just didn’t want to just be lurking around people eating like you are insane. What’s the weird American girl doing? But I’m like, we need this in the States.

Beth 36:20
Yeah, it it was very detailed. And like I mentioned in the Disneyland Paris episode, you’re not at least our experience and when we were there, your results may vary. You’re not getting into that Peggy Carter room if you don’t have a tray of food, they you know which the good news is the food was very good in there. That was probably some of the best food we ate in the Disneyland Resort area. So

Julia 36:49
it was it’s worth it to go it’s worth it to spend the money to get the food to go pay your respects to the amazing gardener you can

Beth 36:57
sit at her there was one one young gentleman who he was all by himself and he sat like there was like a little counter around the back of her desk and he just sat there just taking it all in so you know it’s it’s a very cool whole room and I’m glad we took the time out to spend some time in there

Julia 37:20
yeah, so I would say if you’re a Marvel nerd if you like that kind of stuff you are like me I love the Agent Carter TV show or just love Peggy Carter it’s so like the food’s good. It’s great experience there’s so much to look at it’s so worth it to go there.

Beth 37:34
Yeah, it’s it’s it’s a it was a win win all around for sure. Beyond beyond start factory, any other theming details to to share within Avengers campus

Julia 37:53
I really only focused on Star factory just because there was so much that I didn’t want to take up any more time. I do you have to say I do love flight force is a lot of fun. There was a really cool shot because I’m like the TV and stuff. It has something there was a quick shot from the I think it’s a restaurant on one of the cruise ships that has like the Avengers stuff and like when there’s like a fight or whatever, and there’s like Sam Wilson, its Captain America and Kamala Khan like there was a quick flash of video from that so I got to do that real quick. It was like oh my gosh, it’s come all up which was really fun. So that was cool. I it was like an Ironman animatronic before you go on to which is super cool. And then webslinger I’m gonna give you all a little tip if you want to get a good score instead of doing like the like you know the rest like spider man just punch the air it for some reason takes that up way better. Interesting. They’re just like that’s how I keep getting good scores. I just like punch the air really aggressively. I swear I look really weird I did single writer when we were there I’m swear they were like What’s this American doing? He may or she’s insane. Like yeah,

Beth 39:02
doesn’t she know how spider man supposed to do this?

Julia 39:06
Yeah, but I want I’ve been a little kid I’m proud of it. He got second place though. He didn’t really good you did better than its parents. I was like okay I’m competitive. Yeah,

Beth 39:17
just a little bit so I mean I’m definitely the you know in the in the fall once the drones come back I would definitely suggest staying for the night for the evening to see see that because that was I knew it I’d seen video of it but it until you see it in person it really it’s just how quickly it changed from character to character and symbol the symbol and and the projection on the on the Tower of Terror and it was so super simple. And we’re not bait like we don’t usually We don’t usually stay for the fire or like we’re not big fireworks, but we stayed in the crowd and walked out with

Julia 40:10
at least we didn’t have to catch a bus trail trying to catch a bus would make that so much worse. That’s the other reason we’re like, we don’t want to take a bus.

Beth 40:18
Yeah, that we were able to walk back to the room. So that was easy. But, but that was definitely that’s a definitely fun area that if you are a fan, you can easily spend a half a day and if you’re not, you can probably spend half a day in the full Park and then pop in and see it. Or if you’re not a huge Disney fan, just do Disneyland Paris and just skip the studio parks for now. For me, well what was the best there’s not a lot of throw Well, there is more thrill rides in studios then Disneyland I guess but um, what? What are your sort of don’t miss throw rides?

Julia 41:03
Um, I will forever be a fan of Tarot tear it i Something about just the theming along with variety are cool. And the fact that it’s different every time. I’ve all I love that ride so much. So I’m gonna say that I know. It’s like, Oh, it’s you can go that America like the storylines a little different, but not enough that it’s like, oh, but like, still, if you have time. It’s fun. It’s always a good classic ride. crushes coaster. It’s unique. It’s something that’s not any park. It’s so much fun. It has a really cool ride vehicle that swings you around and it’s it’s a lot of fun. I like it. It’s the best Nemo ride that will probably ever happen. We will get into my beef with Nemo rides.

Beth 41:49
You love it.

Julia 41:52
And then Avengers Assemble flight force. It’s a lot of fun. It’s like I also love rock and roll roller coaster. I love the the track of it. It’s so much fun and Snork for it to be marble and to be flying with Iron Man and Captain Marvel. It’s so great. It’s so much fun. Love it. And also, in fact Brie Larson is speaking English it’s Iron Man That’s it French

Beth 42:18
interesting well that’s I think it’s easier to person ate his voice I love it but

Julia 42:23
because also because you don’t see his face. Yeah, so it’s not as weird as like Tom Holland not mouth not maybe with the French words, but

Beth 42:34
definitely, definitely makes a difference. And you know that Brie Larson and Aman Milani both rode that ride when it opens. So yes. sort of

Julia 42:44
cool. It was fun also standing on the store and you’re like, I know they weren’t here. saw the

Beth 42:49
video i would say rides for me again, I’m not the thrill rider. But you have to do ratatouille. It’s it is a little it’s different than the one in the US. But it’s fun. And if the single rider line is at 15 minutes like it usually is you you really have to stare reason not to not to jump in there and and take that for a ride. That’s really all we did. Like you guys rode the thrill rides. And we did Remi and other than that we didn’t ride a lot. No,

Julia 43:29
there’s a lot of rides. Today I know I would definitely say Remi and other three route thrill rides that I just mentioned. Those are my favorite rides. Got a ride on a lot of fun.

Beth 43:41
And I would say with what we ate and drank like we said the flatbreads at start factory. We’re right. We’re very good. And we didn’t mean for everything we ate at the studio parks to be Marvel themed, but it did happen that way. In the front restaurant, we got Black Widow burgers, which for Park burgers were they were good.

Julia 44:13
They were I will I’m still thinking about that burger that it was like better than a McDonald’s burger like it had like all the vibes of the McDonald’s burger, but just sort of elevate it. And it was really like you’re like, why am I having this at a theme park? Yeah, is this a quick service meal of a theme park and it was good. And I love it because I have a little black widow symbol. She’s my favorite character. I was like, I need to eat this. It’s Black Widow. They also have normal burgers and stuff too. But like, ya know that I’m like, that was actually like surprisingly really good. And that’s something that I would get again.

Beth 44:46
Yeah. So it we had some good, good food there. So like we said studio parks is if you’re if you’re a Disney fan, it’s probably half a day if you’re a Marvel fan. It’s probably One day, if you’re Disney curious, you can probably skip it and just do Disney land into the main park until Arundale opens, then I think, I think that’ll change that a lot. Yeah,

Julia 45:14
once you start getting those other lands open that will, that will change it because it will add so much more for the fee meanness and just sort of the light, just a place to walk around and just enjoy, like what you’re looking at.

Beth 45:25
Yeah. And so while we’re on a Marvel kick, we talk about, we did stay at the Disney’s it’s called the Disney’s hotel, New York, the art of Marvel, the name, the names are all so long. But it used to be just the Disney hotel in New York. And I’m gonna get into the fun architecture fact here, because I’m gonna brag a little bit. So the, the original hotel, and it kept all its main structure, it’s just has a different color palette on it now, but um, it was designed by the architect, Michael Graves. And what does that have to do with anything? Well, he also designed the very cool Disney Animation building that you see that has the Seven Dwarfs on it, sort of holding up the pillars and stuff. And he designed the engineering building, which is the coolest building at University of Cincinnati, where he went to school as well as where Julia is going to school. So it’s, it’s cool to have sort of that connection, but it it is off topic. But it’s funny because the when we saw the engineering building for the first time, we were actually like that really reminds us of the animation building. And then we find out it was the same architect, same guy. It’s a lot of the same color and structure. But it was it was cool to find out that that hotel was also designed by him. But a so it used to just be New York themed. And I remember when we were there five years ago, it it had like small taxi sort of go karts out front of it. We were there in the summer. And apparently in the winter, they’d have an ice skating rink, sort of like Rockefeller Center. And then did a few years ago, they really did it to be I don’t want to say it’s Marvel themed because it’s not like you walk into a comic book. It’s it’s very gorgeous. New York, Manhattan feel kind of hotel, but it’s full of Marvel artwork. So it’s Marvel themed, but it’s not like knock you over the head kind of theming is Does that seem fair?

Julia 47:54
I would say it’s really it’s really classy. Like you said it really feels like you just walked into a New York hotel but oh, look, there’s a there’s a nice beautiful painting of Iron Man. Like it’s it’s a really it’s it was the Marvel inspiration is integrated so well with into the design of the hotel and I think they did a I’m gonna say a punt a marvelous job. I yeah, I It’s so good.

Beth 48:24
It has has more than 350 art pieces throughout the hotel. And it’s murals and stained glass and then just pieces of art on the wall. There’s, there’s a Captain America, American Captain America shield displayed in a hidden Mickey shape, which was fun.

Julia 48:45
The shields,

Beth 48:46
there’s some Iron Man suits around. When we were there. There was some costumes from Guardians of the Galaxy Volume three. But it just again, it wasn’t it. You didn’t feel like you were in a comic book or even that you were it’s not like Hulk was walking around the lobby, though. That would have been cool.

Julia 49:06
That would have been cool. Yeah, it felt like you walked into Avengers facility. Right? It’s, yeah.

Beth 49:12
Yeah, it was. It was just really cool. Art the font of the hotel rooms was the Marvel font. So just a lot of cool was just a lot of a lot of cool details. The rooms are our standard Disney hotel rooms. I always want to get excited about the rooms I just can’t. They’re decorated to a tee for Marvel theme. Cool Black Widow symbols on the pillows. This is the second Disneyland Paris hotel that John and I have stayed in and the public areas of the hotels are gorgeous. It seems like they spare no expense but the rooms are just pretty much they’re pretty basic. They’re small, but if you You know, we sleep in and we don’t do much else there. So it’s it’s fine. The hotel does have a couple restaurants and lounges that had a Bleecker Street Lounge, which is lightly themed to dr. strange but mainly New York. There was like

Julia 50:17
Dr. Strange paintings on the wall. But yeah,

Beth 50:21
it was really cool. Like the bar setup was really cool. There’s a Manhattan restaurant, which is an Italian restaurant. We didn’t eat at any other restaurants. There’s that’s what downtown restaurant that I could not find a lot of information on. So I’m not really sure what what I think that was more of a. I don’t know if that was a buffet or or not. I’m not 100%. Sure.

Julia 50:47
Oh, so I know one of those places served breakfast. I don’t remember which one, but you can get breakfast somewhere.

Beth 50:53
Yeah, I think it might have been the downtown restaurant.

Julia 50:55
I think maybe because I feel like it was a buffet. Because I think we thought about it. We’re like, No, we were not.

Beth 51:02
Yeah, we were, we were off to find croissants. We did go to the skyline bar, which again, felt very much like a felt very much like a Manhattan hotel bar, especially the ones that are higher, you know, sort of like rooftop bars and stuff. And it had screens that look like the skyline of New York, but MCU New York, or Marvel, New York. I don’t know which MCU it was because the Avengers Tower was still there. But but every once in a while an Ironman suit would like fly by or Spider Man was swinging across the screen like it was. It was just really cool. Like you’re sitting there sipping your your beverage and

Julia 51:56
they had themed drinks, which was super fun. They had themed cocktails and mocktails. It was great.

Beth 52:04
Yeah. And it was just again, it wasn’t it wasn’t Marvel hitting you over the head, it was just you know, there and you’d see the characters fly by and stuff. And it was just a really cool, it was a nice quiet place to sort of just wind down from a busy day. But there were a lot of other activities in the hill in the hotel. You know, we didn’t we skip them because we had a limited time and we wanted to be in the parks. But there was a superhero station where you can do a meet and greet with Marvel characters. You needed a reservation and we couldn’t get a spot. If I remember it was

Julia 52:42
I think it was like a really bad time where it was like we would have to waste basically half a day in order to go do it. And we could go to the park. So it wasn’t worth it also, because they don’t tell you what characters you’re meeting, right. So it’s like you could go and it’s like, none of the characters you want to meet, which I’m like, I mean, they’re all cool. But like, I need of course I want to meet Black Widow over Ironman, no offense, Ironman, black widows, my favorite. So sort of like the oh, I mean, I met most of them in California, it’s fine.

Beth 53:11
Yeah. We did walk around the there’s a, there’s an indoor pool, there’s a fitness center. And then there’s also outdoor sports courts with I think they call their hero training center or something like that. There’s also a cool design studio where kids can learn to draw Marvel characters and there was some other little interactive things they could do. But it was a great hotel, and it’s one of their four star hotels. So it’s pricey, but for what we needed and be in the Marvel fans. It was it was worth it. There’s definitely less expensive places to stay. But you know, I don’t for the two nights we were there it was it was definitely definitely worth that. What did you you know, what were your overall impressions of it? Um,

Julia 54:01
I thought it was great. I thought it was really classy. But like still it was still marble it like you still felt like you could go to like we went to the skyline bar and like we’re not dressed super fancy, right? It’s like, you don’t feel like you have to be like really well dressed to go have dinner. They’re like you can show up in your Mickey t shirt and shorts like it through Disney. It was still Disney so I thought it was really well done I thought was really classy. One thing I’m gonna say like of course they have a little of course they have a little store. They had a bunch of Marvel merchandise there but outside it. I really love this. They have the windows display and stuff as one part of it again, I’m gonna go really nerdy on this. They had a bunch of like little figurines and stuff and it really reminded me of the pilot episode of Agents of SHIELD one of the first scenes where like I forget the guy’s name but his kids looking at a window display with like all the like heroes of New York figurines or whatever I then like, it looks like that. And like it’s really cool. And then you keep going. There’s much artwork and stuff. And it’s just like, everywhere you turn, there’s a really cool art piece. You’re like, oh my gosh, that’s amazing. Like, it’s just, it was such a fun place to go to. As someone who loves Marvel, and I feel like it’s even if you’re not a huge fan of Marvel, it’s not in your face enough, you’re gonna be like, Oh, I don’t like this. So I thought, I think it’s really classy. I think they did a really good job with it. And I really enjoyed being able to go.

Beth 55:27
Yeah, it was I agree. It’s, it’s, you don’t have to. It’s one of their nicer hotels on resort. So if you’re not a Marvel fan, and it’s in your budget, it’s it’s one of the places that check out for sure. Because it’s their it’s their four star resort, but, but it’s, it was definitely, it exceeded what I was expecting. For for that for sure. Any other final thoughts on either Studios Park or the hotel? Um,

Julia 56:01
I like I think studios. Pretty soon it’ll get to a full day part. But right now, it’s not as much. It’s cool. It’s fun, but it’s not something to like, go to Paris just for that. No. It’s cool to stop into even like, even if you’re like, okay, maybe I only have one day and Disneyland Paris you’re like okay, but I sort of want to go like just go pop through quick walk around it and then go back to Disneyland. They’re so close together that you can’t do that. Yes. Um, but yeah, I think it will get much better I cannot wait to see it fully glow up. It’s gonna be a great park. And then the hotel like I said, it was great. It was the perfect amount of classy but also still Disney and Marvel. And it was it was it was a lot of fun. All of the trip was a lot of fun. Loved it

Beth 56:55
was a good time. But um, yeah, so I agree with you know, the the timing spent at the parks and stuff. And, but it’s definitely if you’re a Marvel fan. The hotel the parks is a must. And if the hotel is not in your budget, I totally get that. You can still go walk around it. You can you can get in and and walk in check out a lounge or something. So don’t you know if you’re just popping in? Go check that out too. Just to see some of the artwork. I think that’s that’s my my final thoughts on that. But

Julia 57:33
that is a good thing to note that you can still get to it. It’s close enough to that if your hotel who will farther away just you can keep walking by even quick pop it like no one’s like, Oh, you don’t stay here. You can’t see in fact, like, Yeah, go for it. If you want to go to the like, Skyline bar if you want to go to the one of the restaurant like yeah, totally, if you’re like, I don’t want to spend that money, but I still want to see up. You made a great point, you can still go check it out. It’s worth it.

Beth 57:56
Yeah, it’s definitely worth it. But um, so I think that that pretty much wraps up our studios Park, and hopefully you’ve listened if you didn’t listen to the Disneyland Paris one. When you’re done with this, you can go check that one out. But hope you enjoyed that these. I hope you enjoy these episodes, and they inspire you to get out and roam even in your own neighborhood. So please subscribe so you don’t miss future episodes. And if you like what we’re doing here, please leave a review and a rating. Also to help us support us. Please head to Yeti to shop to pick up some roaming Yeti merch and sign up for our newsletter to join us in our monthly bingo challenge. Talk to you soon and keep roaming