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The Roaming Yeti
The Roaming Yeti
E37 - Disney Destination D23 Debrief

On this week’s episode, Julia and I discuss some of the Disney park announcements made during the Destination D23 presentation. As you will hear, I wasn’t planning on doing this episode, but after listening to the live stream I wanted to share some our my thoughts and Julia was kind enough to make some time for me. Hear what we are excited about and what we wish we would have heard.


Here is a transcript of the podcast. Please remember this was done via AI, so there are typos and mistakes.

Beth 0:04
Welcome to the roaming Yeti podcast where we share travel stories for nostalgia, interesting locations and the tales behind those locations. I’m your host and head Yeti Beth Schillaci. I wasn’t planning on doing this episode this week, I was listening to the destination d 23. live stream on Saturday, and there were a lot of park updates and so forth. And I just had a lot of thoughts on them. Don’t worry, this is not a I’m not dragging anything that they’re positive. But there’s some things I’m really excited about. And I just wanted to share them and and talk about them. And I was able to bring in my remote correspondent from Cincinnati, Julia, Well, hi.

Julia 0:52
Hi, I’m so excited to be here.

Beth 0:56
So, like I said, I sat with my coffee Saturday morning watching the live stream on YouTube. Because we were at Disney the week before, and I do not get into media events yet. But, but we were watching the live stream and I just some things got me really excited I wanted to share not gonna go over everything because there were a lot of announcements about timing of international parks and stuff. And I’m not even gonna go over all the stuff in the local parks local Disney World and Disneyland, but just the ones that I think are most relevant to you guys, the audience and and we’ll go from there. Let’s go park by Park, Hollywood Studios only had one announcement. And that was that Ahsoka will be added to Star Tours in the spring I believe they said. So I’m I’m really glad they’re adding continuing. They’re doing all these great storytelling on Disney plus with with Star Wars and stuff. And I’m glad that it’s been added into Star Tours. It keeps it updated. It keeps it fresh. It it makes the more ride more fun. You really you don’t know what story you’re gonna get. And I don’t know if I’m gonna get motion sick or not each time I go on it. I know it’s such a mood. But um, but Ashoka is a I’m really enjoying the show. So I’m really looking forward to how they’re going to add that that in with with the rest of the things. I know you haven’t watched the show yet but no, I

Julia 2:46
haven’t had time to I really I really need to I’m really excited.

Beth 2:50
But I it does because Star Tours was really can get really dated with the old but they just keep adding stuff and I don’t know, it’s really it’s really nice to see. So again, you know, it gets people back back on the ride and and rewrite ability.

Julia 3:10
I think that’s what’s always been unique about Star Tours is that you never know what you’re gonna get. And also as the Star Wars universe keeps expanding, you expand the places you can go. And I think I really liked that it’s still reflecting what we’re seeing on screen. Yeah.

Beth 3:26
But that that was really it. I think there was a character announcement for Batou in Disneyland. But that’s really it for studios. Magic Kingdom had a few announcements that I I’m probably should be more excited about than I probably should be. I don’t know. We knew Hatbox Ghost was coming. But I believe Hatbox Ghost was supposed to come August sometime in August. So he will be be greeting guest and I think they said ended by end of November. He’ll be up so I don’t know. I don’t know what the complications were. We did when we were there for not so scary Halloween. I saw the curtain of where he’s supposed to be. I know Julia has some thoughts on his location compared to Disneyland. So I’ll let I’ll let her speak to that.

Julia 4:27
Oh, first off, I do love the fact that we just get the continued history of the Hatbox Ghost has been a complete menace to Imagineers and things just not working. And like it’s been a long history of this. And I’m glad it’s continuing and it’s so funny.

Beth 4:41
You would think they’d learn not to include him in anything.

Julia 4:45
Yeah, I’m also really excited because like he is one of my like, favorite characters from the ride and stuff and to see him finally reflected at like, in Florida. It’s really exciting. I do like you said I haven’t I’m a little Little boy with the placement. So in Disneyland he was originally placed in the attic and then he was placed out more recently a little bit farther from the attic, but still in that area still generally around the bride, therefore making it seem like he is one of her husbands and like connected with that, but now they’re putting him in like the long hallway with the candelabra like near there. And first off, it messes up the whole brand thing. And also, it messes up the fact that not only does the first ghost you actually see and she’s summoning the spirits, so to see him before all of that it just it messes up with someone the continuity of the story that sort of bothers. But that’s just, that’s just a me.

Beth 5:44
No, I mean, that, that I never thought of it that way. Because when you said like, it’s really bothered, like, I don’t understand, but in that context that it makes total sense that it does throw off the the story of it because you you don’t I think when you’re on the ride, you don’t think about the story as much because it’s not as so. So listeners, I’m going to preview an end of October episode. Gonna have Julia break down some haunted mansion story backstory for us from the different parks. So stay tuned for that. But this one, I probably got way too excited. I’m there update updating the country bear jamboree. And I can’t I that’s one of the things I’ve been afraid that they were just going to get rid of. They were going to announce it was gone. Because we were there. I was there a couple weeks ago. And we went on it and we went into the show and the songs are dated like the songs are really dated. Like I kept thinking if we got rid of Splash Mountain, maybe we need to do something here. And they have apparently this has been in the process. I just read last night that they’ve tried to do this pre COVID And it just got messed up. But they’re going to do all new songs. They’re all Disney songs. And they’re just going to be done in sort of a country bluegrass style. And they’re going to be doing like some country performers. And they showed a video of one of the recording sessions and for all my parent heads out there. You know, breaston pays peace, Jimmy. But MAC MAC anally is singing bare necessities. They put the video up and I yelled I was like my Mac like, I don’t know. When it’s probably good. I wasn’t at the event because I don’t know that anyone else. Audiences really knew who he was. But yes, MAC MAC and ally of Jimmy Buffett’s coral reverse 10 Time CMA Musician of the Year winner. He is doing one of the songs I don’t know if he’s involved in the other ones or not. But I’m really excited to see who who else might be involved. That I’m not gonna lie. When that video started. Just knowing the relationship between Disney and Taylor Swift. I was so expecting to see Taylor singing one of the female bears songs. But I’m just still holding out there’s a chance there’s a chance. Taylor in between concerts. Come on.

Julia 8:41
She’s been spending a lot of time in the recording studio. So maybe she’s bringing back the hot debut Taylor to see as a country bear.

Beth 8:47
Yeah, I mean, I think I would love Dolly Parton. I know that probably won’t happen because of Dollywood. But she could maybe. So I’m ridiculously excited to see what the new country bear jamboree is. Because it’s old school Magic Kingdom. What it’s a like it’s opening day, right or close to opening day.

Julia 9:14
Yeah, it’s opening or at least very close to that.

Beth 9:19
So yes, um, I was very excited about it. I’m sure you weren’t near as excited as I was with this news. But

Julia 9:26
it was just a pleasant thing to see that they’re updating it and not replacing it with IP, which was, which was sort of a theme that seemed throughout some of these announcements that we’ll continue to get into. And I think it’s a really, it makes me very happy because it’s like, I love the original stories that Imagineers have come up for come up with for Disney parks, and sort of see them continuing with that makes me really happy. Yeah. So it’s like I wasn’t expecting this and I wasn’t like over the moon about it, but like I’m happy. Yeah. And I’m very excited about this and what this can mean for the future. They’re,

Beth 10:01
and they’ll be, I think there’ll be able to switch it out faster if they’re doing doing their own songs and stuff. Also, in there, still teasing, there was a lot of teasing. I’m gonna say that. And I don’t want to get political. But I will say I think the lack of a lot of dates, and a lot of details are really tied up in the lawsuits and what’s going on in, in Florida, between the state of Florida and, and Disney, and I just don’t think they’re really ready to commit. Saying what the dollars are, what the details are, until a lot of that is is taken care of. Because you’ll see a lot of these announcements are just sort of blue sky concepts. So so we’ll see. That’s all I’ll say about the political side of Disney. They are in that vein, they are continuing to tease expansion beyond beyond Big Thunder Mountain. But this time, last year, I think they even maybe mentioned a few concepts. They didn’t even mention anything they just said, it’ll be the biggest thing you’ve ever seen bigger than fantasyland. And I’m like, Okay.

Julia 11:25
Last year, they threw out like 10 things because it was like it was gonna be frozen. It was gonna be villains. It was going to be something like it was gonna be like 10 things behind there. And it was like, that’s a lot.

Beth 11:35
Yeah. So I don’t I don’t know what that’ll be. They’re still talking about it. We’ll see. Another thing that I was more excited about than I should be in Magic Kingdom is they announced a new lounge in Adventure Land with the pirates theme. If you have listened to my part, episodes, you know, I love a lounge. I love a Disney lounge. Now they’re calling it. I’ve seen it called a tavern. I see that called a lounge. I’m going to interpret it as Yeah, one of the lounges where you can get alcohol, you’re not gonna be able to carry it out because I honestly don’t think people need to be carrying alcohol around Magic Kingdom. There’s enough issues with that and other parks. But a little place to get a break from the crowd. Get some air conditioning. Get a little snack, a little beverage even a mocktail they make excellent mocktails in their lounge. Yes. I’m very excited to sort of see a pirate theme. Because I think they’re gonna go all all in with theming in this one. I feel like this could be a Traitor, traitor, Sams kind of theme. So you know, I wouldn’t I wouldn’t hate if they put the lounge in the tiki tiki room.

Julia 13:17
I really those are some fighting words for some people.

Beth 13:20
I know. Well, it was supposed to be.

Julia 13:26
Yeah, I think it’d be fun to bring that back as just a restaurant.

Beth 13:29
Yeah. But I like I said, I think it’s a much needed break in the park for people. There’s more and more people that are at Disney with an you can bring little kids in the lounge. We were at the Nomad lounge last week. And those little kids got so excited to come in and get their little mocktails with their little lightup cubes in it or in their churros and the fruit like it’s not like it’s like all out party bar in there. Same with ogos there’s little kids running around having no time or life in there. So, you know, there’ll be there and that’s fine, but it’s just just a place to sort of sit down they come serve you. I don’t know it’s it’s much needed I think in in Magic Kingdom. And I think what do you think? I think pirates is a pretty of all the themes. That was pretty cool.

Julia 14:27
Yeah, I mean, it’s pirates. I think anything pirate themed is immediately amazing. Um, I feel like it’s something they haven’t like they have a whole section that’s like pirate themed but like, and because like Tortuga Tavern is there but it’s never open. And like they just they sort of dropped the ball with some of the pirate stuff. So it makes me really excited that we’re getting more pirates. And then yeah, I think that you there are like no places about Park to take a break. There are no places to just sit and relax. And I’m very excited to actually like have one of those places in that park because it’s much needed.

Beth 14:59
Yeah. Yeah, the only other thing I would have liked to see is just an extension of Skipper canteen, just because I love that SCA story, which I really need to dive into deeper at some point. So yeah, I’m, again, probably way more excited than anyone else about a lounge and an update to the country bear jamboree. But here we are. So that’s all that I thought that mattered at Magic Kingdom. We’ll jump over to Epcot. This one surprised both of us. I think they are updating test track. And I think Chevy actually went to Disney and suggested it but Disney is again working with Chevy to reimagine a ride that, that that needs it. And they’re said to be pulling from World of Motion. For an inspiration of this update. I was not really familiar with roller motion, because that was an opening day ride and it’s what test track replaced. But apparently it was an omni mover that traveled through the history and achievements of transportation. So I think this could be pretty interesting. I think this could go more back towards the crash test dummy test tracks that we had before the current one, and just gives a better story because right now you’re just driving fast and fast. Yeah. And after being on the one and in California Adventure, or the cars theme, like it’s just it needs a better story. So I am looking forward to to what they’re gonna do there. But this one surprised you.

Julia 17:01
I was so caught off guard. All of it. If you said to me that it Epcot here we’re going to reimagine or I would have said, Oh, my gosh, you’re talking about figment is finally happening. But no, it’s not. But I have hope with all of these, like reimaginings that maybe it’s on the it’s, I think it’s on a list somewhere. I was

Beth 17:22
IoT Baxter is ready to come out of retirement for it.

Julia 17:26
Yes, please let him he deserves a break. But also please let him Oh, but I I’m really excited. I think that ride sort of lost its way with the newest addition. And I’m excited to see that it’s gonna go back to the original concept. Which if you love original Epcot, that’s actually really exciting to hear that they’re actually looking at original stuff. And I think I think this is a really pleasant surprise. And also because it’s very easy for them to just try to throw like slap a cars theme on it, even though it makes no sense for the park, but they’re sort of doing that without caught a little bit. Hurts me. But just to see that they’re like, we’re just going to update it to just something else that still just not themed in it. Right. And that makes me really happy.

Beth 18:14
Yeah, I’m, I’m looking forward to seeing what what happens there. So we knew this next one was coming. And I know most people won’t care about this one. But this one’s very important for our family. So I’m bringing it up figment is in the park

Julia 18:37
I’m so excited. I

Beth 18:41
figure this is really important to our family. I I don’t even think we went on the first time with you. And you. And you were two and a half. And I think you just fell in love with him from the first time you saw him. Yeah. So and and he was in the park. But he wasn’t a park, but you weren’t in really a character meeting mode at that point in time.

Julia 19:11
Now, and then the next year, I was like, Oh, I’m gonna meet him and he was gone. So it’s always been like my white whale. Like, it’s always been something of like, Why did I do that?

Beth 19:24
So December Julia will be roped dropping figment meet and greet. I’m so excited. I saw the hours. He starts at 10. So

Julia 19:34
I was like, gonna cry and I’m so ready for it.

Beth 19:37
You You know, I saw many people posting about it and how many people cried so I think he’s so important to so many people. That yeah, you won’t be alone, that’s for sure.

Julia 19:51
Yeah, no, I cried watching the video of him coming out. I was like it was it was just so exciting. And it’s just like, Oh, I’m so excited.

Beth 19:59
The really cool stuff. So the really cool thing on the live stream and I think all the videos are up on YouTube on the D 23. Channel is the his voice, the guy who does his voice who does other Muppets. They were celebrating him for 50 years of Jim Henson. So he was on stage and the figment character came out and hug them. And it was just, yeah, it was too much. It was really, really sweet. So that was fun. Another announcement I heard they made it wasn’t in the Saturday morning one it was in the Saturday afternoon one, the Epcot panel. They are going to have soaring around California. And Epcot starting September 22. They have not announced an end date. My guess is September 22, is also when the second group of food and wine booths open. So I’m thinking it’ll probably run until the Food and Wine festivals done which is like November 18, or 19th or something like that. So if you get to be in the parks this fall, definitely check that out. And if not, maybe they’ll I know California Adventure brings it back. Like we usually once a year so maybe they’ll start doing it here. I don’t know. We’ll see. But I know people love that. So that’ll be that’ll be fun too. Because that’s the one with the orange grove right where you smell the orange. Yes.

Julia 21:41
It smells it smells yummy. Honestly. Yeah. I think this this one is surprising. I’m sort of indifferent about it because I don’t really have a preference on which one I think both are great. Um, I just wish they would maybe take a page out of Star Wars book and make it different every time or like switch between the two different showings of it I don’t know how possible that is because they have to deal with the smells but

Beth 22:08
yeah, I just think the probably the projection is pretty yeah how difficult that is to but yeah,

Julia 22:17
I don’t know how possible it is but I think it would be really cool but like Yeah, I think this is fun. This is cool.

Beth 22:23
I will say the wait times were down on on that on South soaring around the world so I’m guessing they probably want to up up that and disperse some people in Epcot a little bit. So so we’ll see. But they did not touch figment. They did not touch the living with the land which I was glad or Spaceship Earth. So

Julia 22:50
yeah, because there was talk of the Spaceship Earth update and we have not heard anything about it sense.

Beth 22:56
No, so that’s good. Because some rides I know it can use a little little updating but oh, no, I love that ride. Twice. Yeah, last time we were there.

Julia 23:10
So yeah, it will it will never feel the same if they don’t use Dame Judi Dench to narrate it.

Beth 23:17
They’re like it’s

Julia 23:18
it’s not Spaceship Earth without her

Beth 23:21
no. No and saying we think the Phoenicians Thank you. So that was about it at Epcot. And then animal kingdom.

Julia 23:34
For the best news to come out of this entire thing.

Beth 23:38
It was the best of news and the worst of news from animal kingdom.

Julia 23:42
Pretty much.

Beth 23:46
So anyone who has experience the bugs, the it’s tough to be a bugs show at the Tree of Life theater. Good news. It’s been replaced with a Zootopia show. We’ll be able to see how they can terrify us with Zootopia

Julia 24:08
I say good riddance to this. I do not like it. It it’s traumatizing for children and adults alike. You can hear the kid screaming from a mile away from it. Like it’s not it’s not fun. No one likes it. Yeah, I

Beth 24:25
think they underestimated people’s fear of bugs. And so because it’ll it’s I guess it’s 40 is what they consider it but like you’ll get stung in the back by a bee and ants crawl under you and you can feel it you know on your on your rear and your legs and it’s just Hopper

Julia 24:47
animatronic is the most terrifying thing you’ll ever see.

Beth 24:51
Yes, that’s true. I forgot about it. Yeah,

Julia 24:55
I wish I could.

Beth 24:58
So yeah, it’s It’s time to, to change that. I hope it’s a little more, a little more fun and not as terrible as Trump in the current one. My, you know, I know there’s people out there like it. I’m sorry, but it’s time. There are. I think so I mean, people down and then this one’s a tough one. And I understand it. But there’s still talking about changing Dinah land. This conversation started last year at the D 23. Expo in Anaheim. And so we know what’s going to happen. They removed primeval world and I’m going to tell you, you didn’t realize how much real estate that ride takes up until now. It’s gone. And it does look. It does look a little sad over there. But I was sort of hoping for just an updated dyno land. If you listen to our Animal Kingdom one, believe we got into the background of Dinosaur Land. Yeah, me. Yeah. Yeah, we got shoved around a little bit. Yeah. So so go listen to that one. We won’t do it right here. But um, yeah, as of right now, they’re saying this land is going to be themed. They’re saying the tropical Americas, which is I think, I know, I’m gonna have the countries wrong. But it was sort of like South America into Central America. And two names were mentioned. And one was in Toronto. And the other one is Indiana Jones. So I see where they’re going. There’s definitely room for both of those in the one land. I mean, dinosaur has the same ride vehicle as Indiana Jones doesn’t Disneyland so they can can make something similar. They can hopefully keep some of the I don’t know, at least with Indiana Jones. I feel like we don’t lose everything. Yeah. And I understand and condo is very popular. Kids are gonna love it. A lot of dinos land was targeted for smaller kids. So I think that’s a great, great choice. It’s just, it’s just sad.

Julia 27:40
Yeah, it’s a Yeah. Yeah.

Beth 27:45
But, um, but yeah, it. It’ll be interesting. Again. It’s nothing definite. Nothing’s been closed or dates or anything. So we’ll see. I don’t I don’t know what’s going on. But, yeah, if you’re a Dinah land fan. Pay your respects next time because we don’t know. What might be the last. I think the thing I’m most upset is we’re going to lose Chippendale in there. Dinah onesies? And that makes me sad, but

Julia 28:20
that’s a hard loss. That is a hard

Beth 28:21
loss. Yeah. But

Julia 28:27
this is, this was interesting. Because I remember it because they announced it last year, and I was in a puddle of tears. I I hated the idea of them touching Dinosaur Land. I was not excited about that. Then when they came because they were also like throwing around like Zootopia or something. So I was like, you’re just gonna copy copy the Shanghai land. Right? But now that we’re throwing out new ideas, and also the Indiana Jones thing, which they don’t really do a lot with Indiana Jones. And like putting it in with like tropical America in which we don’t have anything in a park that resembles that. And so it’s like, this may this makes sense. I’m not happy about it, but I’m not ready to fight.

Beth 29:10
Right? You’re not You’re not chaining yourself do anything. Yeah, that’s Sue.

Julia 29:17
Yeah. Oh, gosh. So they they should be able to keep Sue with Indiana Jones.

Beth 29:23
Exactly. That’s what I’m thinking. I think a lot of the dinosaur stuff. We can still we can still keep with Indiana Jones. And you know what, Harrison Ford is out there having the time of his life right now. So a little pre show with Harrison Ford. Yeah, I’m not mad about

Julia 29:41
like I am 100% Gonna miss Dr. seeker and this little dinosaur puppet but we’ll take care of some Ford. Exactly. Sounds like a solid trade

Beth 29:55
I haven’t yet he’s he’s, uh, he’s having his time. So let’s let him Do it. But um, what’s it Red Hawk? But those are really the two, two things that animal kingdom. I don’t usually talk about cruise ship news at all. But this one, John and I both when they said that we’re like, wait, what? There is a new cruise ship called the Disney adventure that will sail out of Singapore. And it’s going to be a Southeast Asia cruise. And so I will definitely be keeping an eye and ear out of that one because I really want to see what the ports are. And it sounds like a really good way to visit those. That area. I did have to laugh at the name so we have Disney adventure. And then we have Adventures by Disney but, you know,

Julia 30:55
I it’s not confusing whatsoever.

Beth 30:59
No. So so I know they do some of these things for search engine optimization. I think they might have outsmarted themselves on that one, but we’ll see. When just the marketer in me, but um, but yeah, that one’s that one’s interesting to me. So, stay tuned, we’ll we’ll keep an ear out for that one. And really, those were the big announcements that I thought were interesting. What we did not hear about, but we’re hoping this, I think this one only bothers me.

Julia 31:40
Ya know, when we’ve talked about this, basically for years now, like

Beth 31:45
I thought the Chevy announcement was going to be they were turning the cars in the Tomorrowland Speedway to electric cars, as well as all the other parks that have same ride different name. I really think if it’s tomorrow land, it’s time to make those electric cars so we don’t hear him and we don’t smell them. But, but that was not announced. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know why. It feels like an easy. I mean, it’s it’s gonna be expensive to replace all those cars. But I would think the track would be the same like, I don’t know, maybe there’s something much more difficult than I understand. I’m not I mean,

Julia 32:34
it forces the Imagineer to find a musical change between Tomorrowland and fantasyland. So that’s true. Maybe that’s why. Yeah.

Beth 32:45
We did not the good in the bad. They’re not closing figment. But we’re not getting a change in the ride.

Julia 32:56
A girl can dream a girl can dream for a newer, better figment rise close to the original with Dream finder back.

Beth 33:04
Yes. So at least having the character there. The the woman who is the charge of the parks is a huge figment fan. So like he’s not going anywhere. But he doesn’t need an updated ride.

Julia 33:22
I think everything is pointing towards it’s gonna happen soon. Like, I think we’re trending towards that with a bunch of these ride updates like hey, we’re updating rides, and with figment coming back with the major success of the figment popcorn bucket for two years straight now. The major success of all figment merchandise like that lounge fly that I’m bitter about the fact that I did not hear about ours. Yeah, we didn’t know I’ve been waiting my entire life for that and then all of a sudden it happens that nobody told me

Beth 33:55
so yeah, we heard nothing about that. There was not now I don’t know what the official close date is for the galactic star cruiser. I know. I know it’s this month is the last cruise of it. There was zero mention zero mention of it. Closing up no discussion of what might come next with it. I know I have feelings of what should come next. After being crammed into Olga’s with a 45 minute limit. I would love to see it I would love to see that lounge in there and the sit down dinner space used for because I think it’ll be packed all the time. But I could be wrong because

Julia 34:41
they get people wanting to go onto the starcruiser making a reservation and only having to pay for dinner to be able to go there also open up the merchandise shop and then sell exclusive stuff in there too that you can only get to if you go to one of the restaurant like it’s actually would actually be a really great money making scheme honestly.

Beth 34:55
I mean cuz space to 20 You can’t get into yeah Um, so do the same kind of price Fix Meal. Yeah, I think people will definitely put the money down multiple times for that to have that experience, but they’re just not. They didn’t want the commitment of the couple nights so, but there was not not a single word. There was also as many Muppets as came out on stage during the presentation, which was perfection. There was okay, did you didn’t watch the did you watch the live stream? Are any of the recording of it?

Julia 35:38
No, I have not yet. I might like watch that in the background while doing something else. So I probably should. You should just

Beth 35:44
for this fact. There was a conversation between Sam the eagle and Dr. Honey Do ya know? Yeah. Bunsen Honeydew they had a little argument about who had the best food and Epcot whether it was the Regal Eagle Steakhouse, barbecue or, or wings and things or wings in it, forget what it’s called right now. But um, yeah, it is. So they had you know, it’s sag strike. writer’s strike. They couldn’t have you know, a lot of the stars they wanted and stuff. So, thankfully, we had the Muppets, but

Julia 36:35
there was there’s not scabbing we probably

Beth 36:37
know. They were fine. They would never, ever, but there was no more announcements of more Muppets anywhere in the park. Not even not even a Muppets 3d movie redo. It’s fun, but it needs updated too. And I feel like that’s an easy easier one, then yeah, then something else. But yeah, so there was no I was hoping to hear something about that. But there was not I think

Julia 37:12
problems more more more Muppets less problems I’m just saying.

Beth 37:21
And then the last one is not in Walt Disney World is out in California Adventure. But it’s driving me crazy. At least we still don’t have solid details. Or even year that we can expect the second ride in Avengers campus. Correct me if I’m wrong, Julia because you know these details better than I do. The Quinjet Quinn jet ride was announced when they land was announced. Right?

Julia 37:53
Yeah, it was like 20 nights here. 20 teen or something in that time period? Because I remember when we were at D 23. them talking about I don’t remember the was it was the announcement or not? Yeah, cuz they were put in during the phase one, which is what we have now and then phase two agreeing with Quinjet ride,

Beth 38:09
right? So then we all know COVID happened? Totally understand that plus, that was supposed to be Quinjet ride that took us into Wakanda

Julia 38:20
Wakanda. Yeah, cuz what it sounded like it was gonna follow more Infinity War and endgame and do sort of the Battle of like Earth or Wakanda with like, Santos and stuff. Like that’s what it sounded like.

Beth 38:30
Yeah. So then the land opened in 2021. And last year, they did 23 Expo, they describe something totally different from the Quinjet ride, which, you know, I understand they sort of were talking multiverse I can’t remember if Thanos was still supposed to be the big bad at that time. But now it’s now it’s King fan knows is the villain. But there might be other villains now. We’re tying it into the multiverse, which makes totally sense given what phases we’re in right now. And they showed a ride vehicle they had a whole long big description it was like a combination of Tony Stark’s time traveling and something from Xandar I don’t know. It looks as of right now it looks like a Star Tours ride. Which if they do the same kind of thing where you could have a different experience each time with a little more updated technology. I’m not mad about I know people want a roller coaster. I don’t I don’t need a roller coaster. I feel like California ventures in they already have the ultimate roller coaster. Yeah. But we still don’t know we don’t have any answers any concrete answers. And I just so that that space just sits up.

Julia 40:02
Yeah, I think honestly, I think it’s also a product of Marvel, too. I love Marvel who right now sometimes some of their stuff feels disjointed and scrambled. And I’m like some of it. It’s like, it might make sense in a few years when something else comes out. But it also seems like they’re scrambling for a few things. But and then I think also, because of COVID, it delayed the opening of that ride. And then therefore, Marvel got farther and farther into the new saga. So putting anything towards infinity war, an end game made no sense. So I think I think it’s just a process of the ever changing, cinematic universe that is Marvel and sort of that and trying to agree on something that puts both of their brands forward. And I think that’s one of the issues too, that’s coming from that. Yeah,

Beth 40:51
I just, I just hope, at some point, they sort of get a more legitimate.

Julia 40:57
Yeah. I mean, yeah,

Beth 41:00
exactly. So I mean, that was pretty much the announcements, the things we’re, we’re hoping we’ll hear about at some point in time. Did you know which, which one are you most excited about?

Julia 41:14
Um, I’m excited to say goodbye to talk to you about Cherokee. I mean, not but like. I don’t know. I’m, I’m excited about like, most of them besides like, what’s gonna happen to my beloved Dinah land? Um, I think, like, there wasn’t a huge announcement. But I think these were all really positive announcements. And I think seeing the updated updating of rides that are sort of the the help is a really positive thing to see. Because it’s like, I love that they keep adding stuff. But also, it’s like, you’re leaving stuff behind when you do that. So I think it’s good that they’re coming back. And like, let’s update this. So I think I’m most excited about some of these updates. Yeah. Good about you.

Beth 42:02
I feel the same way. I think. I think there’s announcing new stuff, but also re, redesigning, reframing, beloved stuff, instead of tearing down and I think that’s the point of the parks, you know, we should always be let’s see new things. But that doesn’t mean destroying. What was there so I’m excited to see more pirate stuff. I’m excited to see Test Track redone.

Julia 42:39
And my ridiculously excited to meet big fat. Yes. I can’t wait.

Beth 42:47
I know, that’ll be a good one. But, but overall, I was. I was, I was happy. And I think, you know, well, it’s good to see the the reinvestment. I know people don’t always they want more and more and more. But, you know, I see these as smart changes and things that’ll get get people to the parks and back to the parks. So Well, cool. Thank you for joining me.

Julia 43:17
Thank you so much for having me. You sent me this idea. And I said, Can I please join? Thank you for dealing with my silliness.

Beth 43:24
No, you’re fine. It was sort of last minute, so you know, glad we were able to get it together. But I hope these episodes inspire you to get out and roam even in your own neighborhood. So please subscribe so you don’t miss future episodes. And if you like what we’re doing here, please leave a review and a rating. Also to help support us please head to to pick up some Roman Yeti merch. Talk to you soon and keep roaming.