>  E4 – Let’s Go to a Dude Ranch with Laurie
The Roaming Yeti
The Roaming Yeti
E4 - Let's Go to a Dude Ranch with Laurie

In this episode, I talk with Laurie Luck about her and her husband’s trips to the CM Ranch in Wyoming. The ranch includes lots of horses, beautiful scenery and of course some dogs.

Laurie loves running, dogs, and microbrews — but not necessarily in that order. She owns Smart Dog University where she offers board and training services for puppies 10 weeks to 5 1/2 months. In addition, she has raised over 20 puppies for service dog work. She and her husband love to travel and drink local beer wherever they go. Because of this fondness for local beer, they also run a lot. They have found that running when they travel allows them to see places they may not have otherwise seen.

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