>  E43 – Haunted Places in the US Part 2 – Exploring Haunted Hotels and Ships
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E43 - Haunted Places in the US Part 2 - Exploring Haunted Hotels and Ships

Beth Schillaci, the host of The Roaming Yeti podcast, is back with another spooky episode. In this installment, she delves into the haunted histories of hotels and ships in the United States. Beth’s passion for adventure and history led her to uncover some chilling tales that will send shivers down your spine. From the famous Stanley Hotel in Colorado, known for its association with Stephen King’s “The Shining,” to the eerie Crescent Hotel in Arkansas, once a controversial cancer hospital, these locations are filled with ghostly encounters. Beth also takes us to the Jerome Grand Hotel in Arizona, where former patients and even a ghost cat make their presence known. And don’t forget the USS Hornet, a museum ship in California, which has earned the nickname “The Great Ghost” due to its haunted reputation. Join Beth as she shares these spine-tingling stories and invites you to explore the dark side of history. Get ready for a hauntingly good time on The Roaming Yeti podcast.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the dark history and paranormal encounters at the iconic Stanley Hotel, the inspiration for Stephen King’s “The Shining.”
  • Explore the haunted secrets of the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and uncover the unsettling experiences reported by guests and staff.
  • Dive into the chilling tales of paranormal activity on the USS Hornet museum ship, where visitors have encountered ghostly apparitions and unexplained phenomena.
  • Uncover the ghostly encounters and eerie mysteries surrounding the legendary Queen Mary ocean liner, a ship with a rich history and a haunting reputation.
  • Immerse yourself in the haunted stories and spine-tingling adventures that await in these haunted hotels and ships across the United States.


Here is a transcript of the podcast. Please remember this was done via AI, so there are typos and mistakes.

Beth 0:06
Welcome to the roaming Yeti podcast where we share travel stories full nostalgia, interesting locations and the tales behind those locations. I am your host and head Yeti Beth Schillaci. is spooky season and I’m back with part two of ADDYs findings on haunted locations throughout the United States. Today we are visiting some hotels and a couple of ships that have Haunted Histories. She even brought us some info about a hotel with a ghost cat. You’re ready to get scared. Let’s rum. Let’s start this episode in Colorado with a visit to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Now this one may be familiar to a lot of you.

Beth 0:52
This building this hotel was built by Freelon Oscar Stanley, who was the CO inventor of the Stanley Steamer automobile, not the carpet cleaning company, the automobile. And it opened in 1909. Architect T Robert Uyghur Wagar not sure design the hotel in a colonial revival style and it featured a grand Georgian facade and stunning interior woodwork. Now the reason a lot of you have heard of this, and it’s probably the most famous aspect of the Stanley Hotel is its association with Stephen King’s horror novel The Shining. In 1974, Stephen King and wife Tabitha stayed at the hotel during its offseason. Now King stay at the hotel and eerie desolate atmosphere he experienced during that offseason inspired him to write the shining, which was published in 1977. The book was later adopted into the iconic 1980 film by Stanley Kubrick. Now the Stanley Hotel is known for its reputation as one of the most haunted hotels in the United States, and guests and staff have reported various paranormal experiences over the year. It is said that the hotel is haunted by the ghost of its former owner F O Stanley and his family. visitors have reported seeing strange lights, hearing disembodied voices and even feeling like unseen hands or touching them. Now this hotel is situated in the picturesque, Rocky Mountains and it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. It offers guided tours, including ghost tours that really delve into the hotel’s haunted history, and the hotel host various events and activities including psychic fairs, Halloween parties, and just some other special events focused on its paranormal reputation. Now staying with haunted hotels, let’s check into the crescent hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Now this hotel also claims to be one of the most haunted hotels in the United States. And due to its history, I may believe it. The Crescent Hotel was built in 1886 by the Eureka Springs investment company as a luxury hotel resort, and it was constructed on West mountain to take advantage of the area’s natural springs and the burgeoning popularity of Eureka Springs as a small town. So, architect Isaac as Taylor design the hotel in the Queen, an architectural style, and it’s characterized by its intricate woodwork, its turrets, and just Victorian Aaron era charm. And during these early years, the crescent hotel attracted fluent guests from across the country who who came to enjoy those healing waters at the nearby springs, and just really enjoy the beautiful Ozark Mountain scenery. But here’s where things took a turn for the worse for this poor building. In 1908, the crescent hotel went bankrupt and it changed ownership several times over the following decade. And it was during this period that it had its most significant transformation. So in 1934, it was purchased by Norman G Baker. Now he was a controversial figure who operated the hotel as a cancer hospital and claimed to have a quote unquote cure for cancer. His unproven medical treatments and fraudulent activities led to his arrest and he was eventually convicted of mail fraud. Now after his tenure at the hotel, it again went through various owners and was even closed for a period of time, but it reopened in 1937 under new ownership as a resort hotel once again. And during the mid 20th century, it once again became a very popular destination for travelers seeking relaxation and beautiful views of the Ozark. Now, in 1973, the crescent hotel was actually added to the National Register of Historic Places in recognition of its history, its architectural significance and its historical importance. So, as I mentioned, back in the 30s, this, like I said, the hotel took that really sinister turn, as you remember, it transformed into an experimental cancer hospital. And the man behind it was Dr. will use that term lightly. Norman Baker and he was not a licensed physician, despite his claims, but he set up shop in the hotel’s basement examining patients cancer patients. So the catch, he charged these unsuspecting families their entire life savings. So fast forward to today, and you have this beautiful resort luxurious resort beautiful scenes. Well, some of the lingering spirits from that grim hospital error haven’t quite moved on, according to visitors. And you might actually even run into Dr. Baker himself in the hotel lobby, he is described as a man in a purple shirt, and a white linen suit which matches the old photographs of this infamous character. And then there’s the eerie tale of a nurse pushing a gurney who now resides in Dr. Baker’s old morgue area. People say she squeaks and rattles down the hotel halls and hears Yeah, this is gonna make your your spine tingle. One night, a hotel maintenance worker witnessed all the washers and dryers mysteriously turning on in the dead of the night. The catch is the laundry room is right next to Dr. Baker’s old morgue, which still contains his autopsy table and a walk in freezer. But the ghostly stories don’t start there. They could but they don’t. housekeepers have reporting reported meeting Theodora in room 419. She introduces herself as one of Dr. Baker’s former cash in cancer patients and then mysteriously vanishes after exchanging pleasantries. And lastly, let’s tell a story from Steve Garrison, who is a cook at the hotel. Poor guy. He, he’s been through it. So he had had two strange encounters in the kitchen of this of the hotels Crystal Dining Room, and one morning he was chopping away at vegetables, he looked up and saw a little boy with old fashioned clothing, and knickers complete with pop bottle glasses playfully skipping around the kitchen. On another morning, when Garrison turned on the lights to start his day. A freaky incident curd, some or all of the pots and pans came flying off their hooks. So I hope I hope he hope Steve got a raise because I know that I just keep showing up in the kitchen for that. And but the crescent hotel just has so many of these ghostly stories to tell. And of course they hold tours and in the historic place throughout the year. And it really is a place where history mystery and sort of the supernatural come together in one spooky package. So it’s a really interesting place that I know I had never heard of. And now for the last hotel on the list. I’m gonna start researching hotels more when I when I go to visit, see how many are haunted. But this one is the Jerome Grand Hotel in Jerome, Arizona. And it was built in 1927 as the United Faraday hospital, the fourth and final Hospital in Jerome, Arizona, and it was owned by the United verdes copper company, which later became Phelps dodge Mining Corporation. Now this hospital was a state of the art facility with modern equipment and a highly trained staff and it serves the drunk community and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Now in 1950, the hospital closed due to the decline in the mining industry. And the building remained vacant for over 40 years falling into desperate dis repair. But in 1994, a new owner purchased the building and began to renovate it into a hotel. So the drone Grand Hotel reopened in 1996 and has been a popular tourist destination ever since.

Beth 10:08
The Jurong Grand Hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of patients, staff, and even a cat from its days as a hospital. Guest of her coughing wheezing and labored breathing from empty rooms and they’ve seen the ghost of two hospital employees and a patient roaming the hotel. Psychics have picked up on a ghost of the head nurse who seems to hang out in the restaurant and lounge area. She was reportedly upset when the original dispensary desk desk were removed, but she’s happy again because they put them back. And children’s ghosts are also common in the hallway and hotel rooms. Guests have heard giggling, Laughing Crying coming from empty rooms, and some have even seen a little boy running up and down the hall. Then you have the ghost of Claude Harvey, who was a hospital maintenance worker who died under mysterious circumstances in 1935. Now he still haunts the building as well. And staff working the graveyard shift often see his shadow against the wall near the boiler room or in the laundry room. And I teased earlier about a ghost cat. Well, here it is. guests and staff have felt the cat brush up brush up on their legs hurt it purring me Eileen and even scratching at the door and people have even seen that curled up in a bed with them. In 2008, a guest snapped a picture of the cat sitting on a table. So that photo was actually kept at the front desk alongs with photos of the other guest in addition to the ghost guest and staff have reported other strange experiences such as lights and TV switching on and off on their own TV and table lamps and plugging themselves and assorted items flying across hotel rooms. So we’re gonna head from hotels to to the sea with our final two locations. So first we’re going to visit the USS Hornet, which is a museum ship located at the USS Hornet Museum in Alameda, California. She served in World War Two and the Vietnam War and was decommissioned in 1970. The Hornet was commissioned in October 1941, just weeks before the attack on Pearl Harbor. And the USS Hornet is also called the Great ghost because of its operational callsign, which it was given during World War Two. The callsign was chosen because of the dark gray color of the Hornet which could sneak up on and attack Japanese ships without being detected. The Hornets reputation as a ghost was further cemented by its many successful successful missions during World War Two. The Hornet participated in many of the major campaigns of the Pacific War, including the dual Doolittle Raid, the Battle of Midway, the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands and the Battle of the Philippine Sea. The Hornet was also involved in several close calls and near messes. For example, the Hornet was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine during the Battle of Midway. However, this Hornet was able to survive the attack and continued fighting. In 1970, the Hornet was donated to the city of Alameda, and opened as a museum ship in 1973. She is now one of the most popular tourist attractions in the San Francisco Bay area. In all the years that the Hornet was in service, it was estimated that over 300 people lost their lives on board the breakers. Many of them unfortunately, were death by suicide, as well as some from battles and accidents. But the US Hornet is said to be a haunted haunted ship. And as more people died on board stories, a strange phenomenon began to emerge. Crew members and visitors have reported all sorts of unexplained events from objects moving independently to doors opening and closing by themselves to other strange noises. So here’s a few examples of ghost stories that have been told about the Hornet tools have vanished without a trace objects have been moved from one place to another. heavy doors seem to open and close by themselves. And there’s even been apparitions of soldiers been seen among the living. And people have felt like they’ve been touched or grabbed by an unseen presence. And in some cases, people have even been pushed. Again no thank you. Some people believe that the paranormal activity on the Hornet is due to the many people who have died on the ship over the years, others believe the paranormal activity is due the ship’s long and rich history. Whatever the reason, the US Hornet is a is very unique haunted place and in its place where visitors can learn about the ship’s history, as well as experienced the paranormal for themselves. Last but not least, let’s head south down the California coast to the Queen Mary, which is a retired British ocean ocean liner that has been moored in Long Beach since 1967. It was built in the 1930s and was one of the largest and most luxurious ocean liners of its time. The Queen Mary served as a troop ship during World War Two and is estimated that over 800,000 people traveled on the ship during the war. After the war, the Queen Mary resumed its transatlantic passenger service. However, because of the rise of air travel in the 60s, it led to the decline in ocean liner travel. And it was retired then in 1967, and sold to the city of Long Beach. The Queen Mary is now a museum, ship and hotel, and visitors can tour the ships public rooms including including the first class lounge, the Queen’s room and the observation bar. Visitors can also stay in one of the ships 346 staterooms. Now, the Queen Mary is also known for its haunted reputation, and there have been numerous reports of paranormal activity on the ship, including sightings of ghosts, hearing disembodied voices, and feeling unexplained cold spots. Two of the most popular spots for ghosts are the first class and second class swimming pools. The first class pool has been closed for over 30 years, but people still report seeing women in 1930 style swimming suits walking around the pool deck. Some people have even heard the sounds of splashing and seeing wet footprints leading from the deck to the changing room. One person even saw the ghost of a young girl clutching her teddy bear. In the second class pole room. People have seen and heard the ghost of a little girl named Jackie she is said to have drowned in the pool when the ship was in service and her voice and laughter had been captured in the pool room. However, one paranormal investigator says that no known drownings have ever occurred on the ship, but she believes Jackie is there anyway. In the Queen salon, there is which was once the ship’s first class lounge. People have seen beautiful a beautiful young woman in white evening gown dancing alone in the showers. Shadows, not the showers shadows sorry. And people have seen a tall dark haired man again in 1930 style suit in several first class state rooms. They have also heard water running lights turning on in the middle night and phones ringing early in the morning. With no one on the other line. People have heard a baby’s cry in the third class children’s play room. And this is thought to be the ghost of an infant boy who died shortly after his birth. Now, if you visit in October, you can actually attend an event called shack Tober fest. Yes that Shaq Shaquille O’Neal has a a month long event there. It’s a Halloween festival has haunted trails, live entertainment, carnival rides, food and drink it it looks like a lot of fun. So if you’re going to be out there until October, and you’re in you dare check that out. I mentioned this in the last episode, but I feel it it needs repeated a lot of these locations that I just went over. You know, we sort of had fun and talked about them. But a lot of pretty horrible histories have taken place at these places. And you know people have have lived lived there and unfortunately died there. So I you know, I think it’s fun to talk about and visit but I think when we visit these places, we should remember these histories, we should be respectful and that they’re not just tourist attractions, like a theme park are something that we should pay our respects and and be respectful. So with that, have you guys been to any of these locations? Which one would you like to go to the most? Let me know jump on social media on accounts and let me know.

Beth 19:51
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