>  E45 – The Magic of Animatronics – Interview with Lee Romaire
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E45 - The Magic of Animatronics - Interview with Lee Romaire

Unlock the magic of animatronics – Lee Romaire’s adventures in the space of animatronics reveal the enchanting possibilities this technology holds in theme parks and entertainment. Revolving around realistic creations and interactive characters, animatronics extend the scope of immersive visuals and tangible experiences, thus invoking awe and fascination in audiences. With artificial intelligence and untethered animatronics, a new era of dynamic, seamless, and intelligent animatronics is imminent, revolutionizing how we experience entertainment.

Lee Romaire is the CEO of Romaire Studios and a true animatronics master. With a lifelong fascination for realistic creations, Lee’s journey into the world of animatronics began in his small hometown in Louisiana. From taxidermy to special effects makeup, Lee’s diverse background and passion for animatronics have shaped his career. As the leader of Romaire Studios, Lee works with a team to bring animatronic characters to life in theme parks and on screen. With a focus on attention to detail and a commitment to creating unforgettable experiences, Lee’s expertise in the field is unmatched.