>  E64 – Dream Trips – Scandinavia with Joanne McCoy
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Travel Beyond the Guidebook - Hidden Gems | Theme Parks | Nostalgic Destinations
E64 - Dream Trips - Scandinavia with Joanne McCoy

Do you have Scandinavia on your bucket list? Well, if you didn’t before, you will after this episode. Joanne McCoy shares her immersive experiences in Scandinavia, delving into the cultural wonders of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Joanne’s passion for the region was sparked by her fascination with the northern lights, her ancestral ties to Scandinavian heritage, and her attraction to the Danish concept of hygge. 

Joanne’s perspectives offer practical tips and personal anecdotes that can inspire and enrich your travel experience. This episode is essential for those looking to explore Scandinavia or elevate their cultural travel adventures.

Tune in to discover:

  • Exploring the small towns in Scandinavia and experiencing local culture.
  • Riding the motor coach through the “roof of Norway.”
  • The experience of taking a peaceful boat cruise along a fjord in Norway.

Meet Joanne McCoy, a proud native of Maryland who has made Frederick her home for nearly four decades. Traveling with her husband, Jim, is her greatest joy, but she also finds pleasure in reading, blogging, playing word games, studying Irish history, watching independent films, listening to live music, and cheering on her beloved New York Mets, even during their most disappointing seasons.. Joanne has previously joined me to discuss her experience hiking the Camino de Santiago.

You ready? Let’s roam!

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