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I am ready to put 2022 in the rearview mirror. 2022 was an exhausting year. Not everything was terrible, there was a lot of good, but the bad left some scars. One thing I learned about myself last year was that when I am under constant stress and unsure of what will come next, I shut down and get into a rut. 

I’m not the only one that had an exhausting and challenging year. As I talked with friends, they said similar things. They want to get back to being creative or trying new things. Or they need help to get motivated to work towards that big goal.

I began to think about how I could get myself out of the stress-induced rut and realized I needed a push to do more things, some new, some fun and creative, and some that spread kindness. So I had the idea of a bingo card. Each square would have something I could do during the month to keep me motivated and hopefully let go of my stress. 

I mentioned this idea to a friend, and she recommended that I share it with the Roaming Yeti community to get others involved. I will create a monthly bingo card with activities based on the core ideas of Roaming Yeti, holidays, and observances for that month. I will send the bingo card out via email, so make sure you are signed up for the newsletter, so you get all of the cards and some resources to help you earn BINGO. 

The “rules” are pretty straightforward, do the items in a row, column, or diagonal to make BINGO. Of course, you can do all the blocks, but don’t overwhelm yourself. This is supposed to be fun, remember? Some blocks have dates to tie to that day’s observance, but you do not have to do that activity on that specific date. It’s about getting out of your routine and having fun or spreading joy to others. 

I will pin a topic to our Facebook page to discuss that month’s bingo card, and you can share your ideas and experiences. If you post pictures, and I hope you do, please tag Roaming Yeti and use the hashtag #roamingyetibingo so I can see them and share.

Sign up for my email newsletter to get your bingo card. I will email the first card on January 1. 

Please join me in this adventure. Are you yeti to roam? Yeti to learn something new? Let’s go!

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