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The start of the holiday entertaining season is just around the corner, and honestly, I am taking a new approach this year. I am taking a cue from Marie Kondo and only doing the things that spark joy. So I declare this holiday season the one we choose our own adventure and do it our way.

Every year I try to cram too many things into the holidays, which causes stress and exhaustion. I see posts on social media of beautiful tablescapes and feel bad I didn’t do anything special to mine. Truth be told, I’m not good at tablescapes, and it isn’t something I enjoy. So you know what? I will not feel guilty this year. Some people love doing that, and I will admire their work and style by hitting like on their posts.

The same goes for all the beautifully designed sugar cookies out there. I love to bake, but decorating isn’t my thing. So, as much as I love how those cookies look and watch all the holiday baking challenge shows, I don’t have the patience to perfect that skill. But, again, if that is your thing, I am here to cheer you on and give you a thumbs up.

In the past, I spent hours on Thanksgiving and Christmas making meals that I later found out some family members didn’t even like. I could have been hanging out with everyone instead of in the kitchen. I learned this during the pandemic when the holidays only included the three of us. Armed with this knowledge, we treated Thanksgiving as football Sunday and had appetizers while watching the games. For Christmas, we shifted to a low-stress brunch, allowing more time to relax and enjoy each other.

This Thanksgiving, we will be in Cincinnati to spend the holiday with our daughter due to her short break. We rented an Airbnb and are packing up the dog and my parents to celebrate. I’m still unsure what the menu may be, but I know there will be fun, laughter, and new adventures.

For Christmas, I think we will keep the brunch tradition going. I like a large meal in the middle of the day with snacks and dessert in the evening. I can do the prep the day before, so there is more time for stories and memories when everyone is here.

I hope you take this as an invitation to participate in the aspects of the holidays that bring you the most joy and not feel guilty about the rest. Find your happiness and appreciate what makes others happy as well. Also, please tag me because I want to drool over your beautiful tablescapes, flower arrangements, cookies, or anything else that brings you joy.