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The seed for Roaming Yeti was planted a year ago. Like many others, we had canceled travel plans in 2020 due to COVID and started planning some vacations for 2022. I am definitely the researcher in the family, so I was doing my thing, reading through travel articles and bookmarking things I thought were interesting. It made me feel that I should share them with others as I curate all these articles. This seed sat in the back of my brain for months until I finally knew what to do with it.

My initial goal was to create a curated newsletter, but the idea grew. As we brainstormed, we decided this could be bigger than a newsletter, and the idea for The Roaming Yeti was born. We want to share stories and information to inspire you to get out there and roam.

We are not professional travelers and have not quit jobs to travel the world. We are like you. We like to get away as often as possible, even if just for a day trip or weekend.

As our daughter prepares to head to college in the fall, we know our weekends will be a little more open, and we look forward to getting out and roaming a bit more. So yes, technically, you could call us empty nesters, but we think of this as a next chapter. A time to reconnect and explore the world a bit more.

I have this concept of the Daydream Destination because I don’t like the term bucket list. A bucket list sounds like a to-do list and tends to be aspirational and unrealistic. A Daydream Destination is that trip that gets you through your week, no matter how big or small. This isn’t because we don’t love our jobs; it’s just that vacation is better than work. Simple as that.

I will admit that The Roaming Yeti may be a little theme park heavy, but it won’t just be Disney Parks. There are many theme parks around the world that we want to visit. John loves the rides; I love the theming and food. However, motion sickness keeps me off most of the thrill rides. Theme parks are for adults. And, we will show you the way…

The thing I am most excited about is the podcast. We will interview people who have been on exciting trips or live in fun locations. We hope the locals will tell us the must-do attractions and give us some insider information on the best food and drink. When we travel, we love to ask hotel bartenders about their favorite restaurants to get what the locals eat and stay out of the tourist traps.

I am excited to have you along on this journey, and please let us know what you like and what destinations you want to hear more about. Also, if you have been on an exciting trip or live in a fun city, hit us up about being a guest on the podcast.

In the meantime, keep roaming!